Breakfast Banana Padega: 5 Ways To Use The Fruit In The Morning
Image Credit: Banana Pancakes

A lot of us don’t like eating too much in the morning and, therefore, we resort to a cup of tea or coffee along with a cookie or a toast. Consuming just that, however, can increase acidity on an empty stomach. But fruits like bananas can cool you down. Eating one banana a day can actually help to improve digestion as it contains soluble fibre, as well as help in controlling cholesterol too. In fact, you can make delicious breakfast items with it.

Pick any of your favourite breakfast dishes - be it pancakes or French toast - and you’ll realise that bananas can fit in everywhere. They not only add nutritional value to your morning meals but also amp up the taste of your breakfast dish. Soft, gooey, and ripe bananas work best for these recipes that you can try at home this weekend.  

1.  Banana Porridge

Porridge, for the unversed, is a thick and creamy breakfast dish made with grains cooked in milk. Once they turn all soft and mushy, toppings like honey, maple syrup and more are drizzled on it. Do you know what else will taste good with it? Bananas. Chop the fruit into smaller pieces and top it on the porridge bowl right away.  

2.   Banana Dosa

The dosa batter for this sweet and tasty South Indian pancake is made using bananas, rice flour and jaggery. Everything is blended together in a blender to make a smooth paste. Overripe bananas can be put to good use through this recipe. However, the banana dosa would look more like a pancake and less like a dosa, as it will be small and round in shape. Add in a few chopped cashew nuts too to make the flavour even more rich. Cardamom and jaggery lend the dosa a deep and delicious flavour.

3.  Banana Smoothie

Going a little light for breakfast? But want to keep yourself full too? Try this quick and healthy banana smoothie each morning. Made with the goodness of ripe banana chunks, blended together with some pineapple chunks as well as pineapple juice, this smoothie is all things creamy and thick. The natural sweetness is satiating enough so you needn’t add additional sugar. Pop in some ice cubes and enjoy. 

4.  Banana French Toast

French toast is a crispy, sweet slice of bread dipped in egg, milk, and sugar mixture. So, where does the banana fit? All you got to do is coat the bread in the mixture, toast it on a pan and sandwich banana slices between two halves. Drizzle some honey on top and you are good to go. It will be super crispy and sweet at the same time and you’d not be able to stop at one. 

5.  Mangalore Buns

Also known as banana buns, this is a classic breakfast treat originating from Mangalore. The dough of this puffed bun-like bread is made with all-purpose flour, overripe bananas and baking soda. The dough is set to rest for a while, after which it is rolled out into small pooris which are deep-fried in hot oil. They are fried until they turn golden-brown. Pair them with coconut chutney and dig in.