Did You Know About These Benefits Of Eating Raw Banana?
Image Credit: unsplash

Bananas are one of the most loved fruits as they are delicious as well as easy to eat. Just peel and gulp. They are also easy to carry and do not require any knife to cut or peel. Also, they are loaded with nutrients like vitamins and minerals. But mostly people eat them when they are yellow and ripe. The only time most of have consumed raw banana is in the form chips. The savoury and delicious chips made with raw banana are popular across the country. 

Just like the ripe banana, their raw form also has lots of health benefits. They are staple in South India and there are so many dishes such as curry and bajji which are popular in the region. Indian dishes made with green bananas are loaded with taste and flavour of several ingredients that will make you fall in love with the raw fruit. Here are some amazing health benefits of raw banana that will make you consider adding them to your diet:

1. Improves Heart Health

Raw bananas have enough potassium content in them which is vital for blood purification, proper functioning of the nerves and better muscle movement, which results helps in maintaining the blood pressure and aiding heart health.

  2. Healthy Digestion

Raw bananas have a high quantity of starch in them, even more than ripe bananas that helps in preventing digestive issues like bloating and constipation. Dietary fibre also boosts the functioning of the digestive tract.

  3. Improves Metabolism

Raw bananas are not only rich in nutrients and minerals that improve metabolism but they also enhance the nutrient absorption capacity. They contain fatty acids which improve the health of the colon and increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

4. Supports Weight Loss

As they are loaded with dietary fibre, it takes a long time to digest them, hence, inducing the feeling of fullness. When the stomach feels full, the craving tends to be reduced and as a result, it prevents overeating. Therefore, including raw bananas in your diet can help in weight-loss.  

5. Supports Gut Health

Along with being rich in dietary fibre, unripe bananas also support the growth of good bacteria that live in the intestine. And according to Healthline, these gut-friendly bacteria facilitate a healthy digestive system. They are also antibacterial and antifungal that help in fighting infection causing germs that cause diseases like diarrhoea.  

6. Vital For Healthy Hair

As green bananas are rich in vitamin C and B, they are very beneficial for the health of the hair. And being rich in potassium also improves the softness of hair and facilitates growth. The natural oils present in them also prevents breakage and maintains elasticity of the hair.

7. Improves Skin Health

Very few people know that green bananas are hydrating in nature and nourish the skin. It can be very beneficial for people with dry skin to make them softer and supple. The rich content of vitamin A also smoothens the texture of dehydrated skin.

Adding green bananas to the diet is very easy and there are so many delicious ways also present. You can either grate them into smoothies and drink or cook them in Indian style such as banana fry, curry and tikkis.