5 Delicious Desi Breakfast Items Made With Curd
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Dahi Idli

When the weather is all hot and sweaty, one needs something refreshing and hydrating all day long. Beyond cool drinks and water, of course, several foods are good to soothe the soul. Take curd for instance. Curd (or dahi) is a by-product of milk that is made by fermenting the milk with an acidic agent like lemon. This superfood boosts energy and keeps one going all day long. Given its beneficial properties, adding curd to your breakfast meals might be a good idea. 

In fact, you don’t have to go an extra mile to think of exotic dishes. Curd can be added to the breakfast recipes that you’ve been having for a long time now. It could be poha, upma, idli, vada, or even paratha. Here are some ways in which curd can spruce up your morning meals.  

1.  Bread Curd Upma  

For the unversed, upma is a soft and thick porridge-like dish that is made with rava or semolina. In this recipe, the rava is replaced by pieces of bread that are crushed and added to the mix. These bread pieces are tossed together with mustard seeds, curry leaves, ginger, and turmeric. Chopped onions are added to the pan along with some garam masala and salt. Dahi or curd is poured in the pan and the bread is coated in it. This is cooked until the bread turns soft and served hot with a garnish of peanuts and grated coconut.  

2. Curd Dosa  

Another delicacy from South Indian cuisine that is a popular breakfast dish in many other parts of the country too, dosa is the desi version of crepes. It has a crispy outer layer, made with rice flour batter and the filling inside is usually of spicy potatoes which makes it a masala dosa. However, this curd dosa is a simple and plain recipe that comes without a filling. Curd is mixed with rice flour batter and salt and it is spread evenly on a pan to be made crispy. This dosa usually has a tangy taste.  

3. Dahi Chura 

A quintessential Bihari dish that is also eaten in several parts of Uttar Pradesh, Dahi Chura is not just a festive treat but a breakfast dish too. Chura refers to the chiwda or beaten rice which is mixed together with fresh curd. No cooking is required in making this dish. The two are mixed and garnished with fruits like chopped apples, bananas and pomegranate seeds. To sweeten the dish, honey or jaggery are added along with some mixed nuts for the crunch. The Dahi Chura is then tempered with mustard seeds, red chilli and ghee. 

4.  Dahi Ka Paratha

Paratha is a popular Indian flatbread that is commonly-eaten for breakfast. Either made with a  flavoured dough or stuffed with a delicious filling, the paratha is often served with a bowl of curd aka dahi and pickle. However, in this recipe, the dahi finds place inside the paratha too. While the dough is kneaded in the same way, hung curd is added to the filling along with diced potatoes and chopped onions. This lends a creamy touch to the paratha. 

5.  Curd Idli 

The steamed rice cakes from South India are a classic breakfast treat, eaten with a side of coconut chutney. To make the idlis creamier and softer, this recipe adds curd to it. While the batter for idli is made from rice flour, after they are steamed, the rice cakes are doused with a generous amount of fresh curd or dahi. Topped with some mustard seeds, this recipe is refreshing and tasty. Instead of the fried vadas, idli is a healthier option.  

From idlis to parathas and upmas, there are plenty of dishes that can be spruced up with curd. The tangy flavour as well as the freshness of dahi adds an oomph factor to any dish and makes it a refreshing treat.