What Makes The Bihari Breakfast Of Dahi Chura So Special?
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The Bihari cuisine is a large assortment of delicacies that are reflective of the region’s deep love for local, seasonal food. Watery foods like watermelon, and a lot of sharbats made of bel and Sattu are consumed throughout summer, such as dry preparations made of sesame seeds, jaggery and poppy seeds rule the roost in winter. A big component of Bihari food has also been influenced by the rulers, emperors and spiritual leaders who played a dominant role in shaping the culture of the region. Did you know, the Bihari Kabab and Bihari mutton are said to have been popularised in Bihar by the Muslim cooks who cooked for the Nawabs and the nobility? Now, at least for the meat-eating population of Bihar, Kebabs are a must at every party or special occasion.  

What Is Dahi Chura?  

And then there are the perennial favourites like yogurt. Yogurt or Dahi, is used in a  variety of curries and sabzis, but did you know it is a breakfast favourite too. The Bihari breakfast of Dahi Chura is loved by everyone for a variety of reasons. For on, it is the simplest thing to make in the morning, just like in cereal and milk. All you need to do to make Bihari Dahi Chura is mix curd with flattened rice flakes/chiwda/poha and jaggery. Give everything a nice mix and eat. In addition to being light on one’s tummy, it also helps keep your stomach cool. In the especially hot regions of Bihar, it helps offer a nourishing, cooling boost, right before one steps out for work, especially work that demands a significant amount of physical labour.  

Dahi Chura And Makara Sankranti

The combination of Dahi Chura Gur is so special in Bihari households, that it is also eaten, almost as a ritual, in one of the biggest festivals of the region, Makar Sankranti. Makar Sankranti is celebrated in January as per the Gregorian calender, it celebrates, sun’s transition to the Makara (capricorn). Besides the typical, eastern festive favourites like pithas and til ladoos. Dahi Chura is Bihar’s own sweet touch to the festival.  

Here’s a recipe with which you can make Bihar’s special Dahi Chura, It does not require a lot of skill or expertise, but we still want you to make it right, for the authentic experience. Try this recipe soon and let us know if you would like to bookmark it for summer too, just like we have.