Walking in a market that is an institution of gastronomic delights is a great feeling in its own right. While there are many colourful experiences in the market you have been waiting for, perhaps there is one amazing spot that you should be most enthusiastic about — Gole Hatti. If you are going for a tour of the street-market during the summer, stop at Gole Hatti on Khari Baoli Road in Delhi. There, they serve a dish containing a good balance of sweetness and hints of umami in a kulhad (a smart alternative to plastic plates). Easy to hold, unique and refreshing, the earthy aroma of the kulhad does something special to your senses!  

What’s inside the kulhad, you ask? This particular discovery from the alleys of Chandni Chowk is exactly what you are missing in the scorching heat. The dish being talked about is the dahi bada, which is creamy and rich with the addition of yoghurt. Dahi, as it is called is served over two fluffy fried doughnut-like rings called badas. Spoon some of that dahi out for a glimpse of the bada.


In North India, dahi bada is also known as dahi bhalla. While exploring, some people love to opt for Natraj Bhalla Shop, which is an extremely famous dahi bhalla shop in Chandni Chowk. Natraj has been successfully in business for years. But many haven’t gone to Gole Hatti and gobbled their food.  

Eating dahi bada can be a sensational experience when you are looking for a quick but cooling snack. If you are in high spirits, why don’t you eat at least three servings? That is the basic way to devour dahi bada. It will whet your appetite while giving you a proper taste of Indian street food. You can also try the other delicacies such as chole chawal or palak paneer in a kulhad.