4 Lentils Varieties For Weight loss

Dal is a staple in India and can be included in every meal. Mostly paired with rice and roti, there are numerous recipes that can be prepared with lentils like sambar, dal paratha and khichdi. There are several varieties of dal available in India and each of them are packed with multiple nutrients. Known for its high protein content, lentils also help in maintaining weight

Including dal in your diet can help in keeping you full for a longer time, thus reducing the quantity of calorie intake. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways of shedding those unwanted kilos from your body. Lentils are highly affordable and is beneficial for overall health. Dal is an excellent food not only on the basis of its nutritional profile but also due to the delicious dishes that can be made with them. 

Here are five varieties of lentils and their recipes that can help you in losing weight: 

1. Urad Dal 

Being an excellent source of antioxidants, protein and vitamin B3, urad dal is also low in fat and calories. This not only improves digestion but also strengthen bones and boosts energy levels. Also known as black lentil, it is popularly used to make dishes like dal makhani, dosa and vada. But if you trying to lose weight, make khichdi with urad dal. Made with rice and variety of flavourful spices, this urad dal khichdi is also delicious. 

2. Chana Dal  

Chana dal or Bengal gram split is one of the most popular dal in India due to its delicious taste. Dal tadka, a saucy and flavourful dish prepared with onion, tomatoes, ginger-garlic and a bunch of spices is the most popular way of consuming chana dal. It is used to prepare a variety of dishes, but chana dal palak is best way to include this lentil into your weight loss diet. 

3. Toor Dal 

Also known as pigeon pea lentil, this is mostly eaten as khichdi or paired with rice. It is rich in folic acid that makes this lentil an excellent source of protein for diabetic and heart patient. Apart from being prepared as dal for serving with rice or roti, this lentil is also used to make rasam and dosa.  

4. Moong Dal 

This is the most popular lentil for weight loss diet. Packed with protein, moong dal or green gram is also good for weak digestive system. It is also known for boosting blood circulation and enhancing skin health. The best dish of moong dal for weight loss diet is quick and simple khichdi. You can make it plain with rice, dal and basic spices or can also add on veggies and ingredients based on your preference.  

Include these dal recipes in your diet and stay fit and healthy.