Only A Sambar Lover Will Know These Sambar Varieties. Find Out

I don’t think that there is anything that could disappoint us more than not seeing a sambar with fluffy Idlis and pipping hot dosa. And why not!! Sambar is the soul of South Indian food. It is a South Indian vegetarian stew made up of vegetables, lentils, and a tangy tinge of imli. The only thing that can make us feel comfortable is having a big bowl of sambar, isn’t it true?

But are you a true sambar lover? Don’t give yourself this title without having tried these sambar varieties at least once in your life. Have a look at them.

Brinjal Sambar

Brinjal sambar is easy to make but it can enhance the taste of a plain sambar to a great extent. There is two add brinjal into sambar. One is to add deep-fried brinjals while the other is to add normally boiled brinjals. No matter how you add it, it tastes delicious.

                                     Image credits: Archana's Kitchen

Besan Sambar

Besan into a sambar? How is this going to taste? Believe me, it tastes good. You just need to add besan paste into the sambar white it is cooking. Add everything into your sambar like you usually do and this would taste amazing.

Coconut Sambar

Yes, coconut is just not for the chutney but also goes well in sambar too. This sambar tastes different and is loved for its unique taste as well as its aroma. One can either add coconut paste or grated coconut into the sambar. Must try at least once.

Onion Sambar

We know how important onion is. Onion can elevate the taste of any dish and sambar is no exception. Usually, onion is added to sambar but this sambar has lots of onions. This sambar has a strong flavour of onion and tastes delicious.

                                      Image credits: Awesome Cuisine

Buttermilk Sambar

This sambar variety is quite famous. We can say that this South Indian sambar has North Indian touch. Buttermilk makes sambar even more lip-smacking and it goes well with rice. This is something you can’t miss to have!

Kerala Ulli Sambar

Kerala ulli sambar has lots of tamarind paste and is a perfect blend of sour and spicy. The Sambhar is very well garnished with curry leaves and the added tadka of roasted chana dal and mustard seeds can work even better.

If have tasted even four of these sambars, you can freely call yourself a sambar lover. Let us know which one is your favourite!