Sambhar is one of the delicious South Indian delicacies that make your crispy dosa taste heavenly. A few people like me have this curry even with rice. Yes, that’s true! And, I am not guilty. Made with traditional spices, and vegetables, the use of Sambhar is not limited to Southern states anymore. People around India just love Sambhar and every state has its own way of preparing the same. If you think the Sambhar people have in Bengaluru will taste the same as the one made in Kerala, you are mistaken. Its taste differs in every state. Making Sambhar is not a big thing but making it to perfection is. That’s why we are going to tell you certain tips and tricks to make perfect Sambhar at home. Read on to know.

  1. Always use new tamarind to make Sambhar as the old one remain sticky and darker in colour. 
  2. Opt for toor dal that’s not polished for bringing good taste. Also, boil it and mash it well before adding it to the Sambhar.
  3. Do not add hing to your Sambhar if you are using drumstick, onion, and radish as asafoetida can suppress their flavour.
  4. You can use hing if making brinjal and pumpkin Sambhar.
  5. For bringing good colour to your Sambhar, you can boil a tomato in hot water and peel off its skin. Use a blender to make pulp and then add it to the boiled toor dal.
  6. For a great flavor and taste, use Sambhar powder and fry 2 tablespoons of dhania along with 4 shallots in ghee. Add a tablespoon of grated coconut and grind the mixture. Add it to the Sambhar in the final stage of cooking.
  7. For making any kind of Sambhar, saute mustard seeds, red chilli and mustard seeds. Also, add jaggery for a yummy tasting Sambhar. In addition, garnish at the end with fresh curry leaves and coriander. 

Here is the recipe for Sambhar in case you think of making it.