Weight Loss: 5 Yummy Low-Calorie Egg Salad Ideas For You
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Think of salads and one can immediately picture all things green and bland. But we aren’t living in the 90s anymore and salads, like everything else, have become jazzy too. No more eating ‘only leaves’ in the name of salads, as one can add almost anything and everything to suit the dietary requirements of the body. 

However, making a salad can be tricky, because more than often it turns out to be bland and, well, just leafy, especially, if it is for someone trying to lose those extra kilos. It is a constant struggle to find the right kind of food and maintain a healthy eating pattern, when it comes to planning a diet to suit weight loss. 

This is where salads come in, as they are the go-to food for weight loss. They are low in calories, and thus known to facilitate weight loss, which is why the right kind of salad recipes can take you a long way. Salads aren’t just for those trying to eat healthy, but also for those who love a burst of flavour. 

And so, the best salads you can make are the ones with the addition of eggs. Not only are they protein-rich that help aid in weight loss, but are also super delicious. This superfood is one of the best sources of protein, they help to build our muscle and make us feel full, preventing us from having hunger pangs. We’ve got some amazing egg-salad recipes right here for you that will aid your weight loss journey. But before that, we’ve got some quick tips one should know while making salads, to make the best of it.

1. Wash your greens in cold/normal water. Hot or warm water may take away the crunchiness.  

2. Never overdress the salad, overdressing causes the salad to become soggy fast. 

3. Serve on a chilled plate to maintain the crunch till the very end. 

Here are five egg salad ideas that are low on calories: 

1. Crispy Vegetables And Egg Spring Salad  

A wholesome salad with possibly the best of veggies available, and a refreshing, mouth-watering dressing, this egg spring salad is simply irresistible. Crunchy carrot, cucumber, beetroot, onion, pineapple and more makes this a balanced bowl that is a whole meal. 

2. Chopped Egg Cucumber And Tomato Salad  

A perfect salad for the hot summer season. This fresh, healthy and absolutely delicious salad offers the goodness of egg along with avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, along with a zesty dressing and feta cheese on top. 

3. English Breakfast Salad 

This salad has the nutrients of egg making it a good way to start the morning. This salad has bacon, eggs, candied nuts, dried cherries, baby spinach and more along with the crunch of bread crumbs. Garnish with a honey mustard dressing and breakfast is ready. 

4. Five-Bean Salad With Egg 

Sprouts, beans, kidney beans and eggs, isn’t that one of the healthiest combinations? Top it with lemon zest, chillies and olive oil, and you’ll have a tantalising salad for your next meal. 

5. Egg Chaat Salad 

A desi would rejoice at the mention of chaat, and this healthy salad which combines the goodness of boiled eggs with irresistible chaat flavours is a perfect balance of nutrients and flavours. Mix boiled eggs with sweet and sour chutney and top it with spring onions and boondi. Take a look at the recipe below: 


. 2 boiled eggs

. ½ tbsp tomato ketchup 

. 2 tsp tamarind extract 

. ½ tsp lemon juice 

. ½ tsp roasted cumin 

. Salt to taste 

. ½ slit green chilli 

. ½ spring onion, chopped 

. 2 tbsp boondi 


. Mix tomato ketchup, tamarind extract, lemon juice, roasted cumin, green chilli and salt in a bowl. 

. On a plate, cut the boiled egg into two halves and spread the chutney over the boiled egg. 

. Sprinkle some chopped spring onion, garam masala and boondi over the eggs. Serve.