Bye, Bye Belly Fat: 5 Low-Carb Indian Breakfast Ideas You'd Love
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Indian breakfast can be low-carb and healthy yet tasty.

The moment you join the gym or a fitness class, people around you start looking at you differently. They would scrutinize your body every time you appear in front of them, to assess whether those pilates sessions are actually doing you any good. Then there are those who notice you in the gym and give you plenty of gyaan about how to lose weight, how to strengthen muscles and tone your body. This free advice by these gym patrons may sound like they know it all but the best way to do it is trust your trainer. Generally, the first thing you asked to do is cut down your consumption of carbohydrates while you are trying to lose weight. 

It is believed that exercise alone cannot help you achieve your goal and it is only a balance of workout and diet that can aid in your weight loss journey. Often times, doctors and health experts talk about how India is a carb-intensive country. While roti and rice are the staples our meals, without these, we might not even get the feeling of fulfillment. Another thing which is true about carbs is that they are essential for your body as they provide you with the necessary energy to work. So to make this task easier and lose weight simultaneously, we suggest that you switch to low-carb foods. 

Top Low-Carb Indian Breakfast Recipes 

The morning meal needs to be a filling and satiating experience so it is best to try low-carb recipes for an enriching and healthy breakfast at home. 

1.  Moong Dal Chilla 

Chilla or poora is a thin Indian pancake that is savoury in taste. Often, the chilla is made by mixing besan with water and adding chopped onions and coriander to it. However, this recipe is a low-carb alternative wherein moong dal is soaked and ground to form a thick paste. This is then mixed with water form the pancake batter and the veggies are added. Poured on a pan and cooked from both sides, it is served with some tomato ketchup on the side. 

2.  Sprouts Dhokla 

Another delicious recipe that is usually made with chickpea flour or besan can be a part of your low-carb diet. This is a popular snack from Gujarati cuisine and is commonly eaten for breakfast as well as in the evening. The besan is replaced with moong dal which has been sprouted. Spinach is added to this to level up the nutritional quotient of the dish. Seasoned with Indian spices, this is a healthy Indian breakfast idea. 

3.  Oats Idli 

Idli is generally made with rice flour. This is a popular breakfast item not just in South India but across the country. Paired with brown rice, the oats idli tastes amazing. Serve with hot sambhar and a crumbly coconut chutney. 

4.  Mixed Dal Dosa 

Coming right from South India, this is another staple breakfast dish from the region. Lentils are mixed together with spices to form the dosa batter. Green moong dal, black dal and yellow moong dal are used for the purpose of this recipe. It is healthy and super-filling. A high on protein and low on carb kind of breakfast recipe. 

5.  Spinach Scrambled Eggs 

This one is a rich and protein-heavy dish. Eggs are scrambled with spinach leaves and full cream milk. It has little amount of carbs as only 2 tbsp of cream is added. Season with salt and pepper and your breakfast is ready.