Weight Loss: 5 Bajra Recipes To Help In Losing Weight

If you think weight loss is just about working out at the gym and fasting, you are wrong. Sometimes fasting is not the key, but eating is. And you know what? Millets could be great when it comes to weight loss. We all intake ragi, jowar, and bajra in our daily diet. But bajra can do much more. For those who are trying hard to lose weight, bajra is what you need.  

Bajra is loaded with complex carbohydrates. These carbohydrates take time to digest and keep the feeling of satiety at bay. It prevents overeating and gives you to take time between two meals. Now, how can you add bajra to your diet? There are so many ways and believe me, they are not alike. Just to help you in your weight loss journey, we have brought some quick and easy bajra recipes that you can enjoy while maintaining your weight loss diet. Read on... 

Bajra Dosa 

Dosa is an absolute breakfast staple in not just South India but in many parts of the country. But how can it make a weight loss-friendly food? By making it with bajra. Bajra dosa gets ready in less than 15 minutes and tastes amazing too. Here’s how you can make it at home. 

Bajra Aloo Methi Paratha 

When it’s winter, methi has to be there. When a delicious and healthy aloo methi is stuffed inside a healthier bajra paratha, it can end up becoming a dish perfect for weight loss. This is because methi and bajra both have a high content of fiber and keep hunger pangs at bay. It also benefits the body in many other ways. Follow the steps below to make it at home. 

Bajra Thepla 

Yes, our most favourite Gujarati snack turned healthy and weight-friendly. All you have to do is make these healthy theplas using bajra and serve them with your favourite mirchi ka aachar or chutney. Here’s how you can make it at home. 

Bajra Muthiya 

Muthiya is yet another Gujarati delight fondly eaten in almost every part of the country. It is gripped in hands and hence, named muthiya. You can make muthiya with bajra and give it any other shape. But don’t worry about the recipe. Here you go. 

Bajra Onion Uttapam 

After dosa, if there is one thing that qualifies for a potential breakfast, it is nothing but utappam. Topped with onion, uttapam is served with flavourful coconut chutney. You know what? You can also make it with bajra and make it a weight-loss-friendly diet. Here’s how you can make it.  

Try these bajra recipes and see the magic!