4 Ragi Dishes For Weight Loss
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Ragi is one of those grains that are resurfacing after years of undisputed dominance of rice and wheat grains. Due to its coarse texture, ragi was sidelined during the colonial years but recently, the nutritional benefits of this red-coloured grain is making the rounds on the Internet and among fitness enthusiasts. Ragi is packed to the gills with essential micronutrients and vitamins, and it is also a tremendous source of dietary fibers. The GI index of ragi is pretty low compared to white rice and it delivers the energy consistently over a period of time. Ragi also boasts of having 40% more calcium than plain white rice and for these reasons, ragi is being incorporated into daily diet by more and more people.

Ragi is also known as Nachni or Red Millet and is part of the millet family. It is a hard plant that can grow in tough environmental conditions and altitudes. It is a whole grain that is protein rich, gluten-free and comes packed with health benefits. Ragi is known to lower the blood sugar levels and reduce the bad cholesterol levels in our bodies. It improves cardiac and nervous functioning and is also beneficial for the bones and teeth. It is also a great cereal to have in your pantry if you're aiming to lose weight, which is why, we're going to show you 4 ragi based dishes that can be incorporated in your daily diet.

1. Ragi Porridge

Ragi Porridge or Ragi Malt is a simple preparation of ragi flour, water and milk to create this wholesome bowl of porridge. It can be served hot or cold and is beneficial for people of all age groups. The porridge can be sweetened by the addition of honey or jaggery and in some recipes, you can make a savoury porridge too, with the addition of rock salt and buttermilk. A bowl of whole grain goodness, this porridge can be served in the morning as breakfast and its complex carbs will keep you satiated till lunchtime.

2. Ragi Smoothie

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Ragi vegetable soup is a toothy, filling dish that is easy to make and comes together in one pot. You can use frozen vegetables or any vegetable of your liking, cut into small pieces and sauteed in a pan with whole spices for a couple of minutes. Water is added to the pot and the vegetables are simmered for 5-10 minutes before adding the ragi flour slurry to the mix. Once the soup gets thicker due to ragi, turn off the heat and top it off with fresh chopped coriander and lemon juice. Nutritious, refreshing and gluten-free, this dish is a must have if you're aiming to cut extra weight.

4. Ragi Roti

Ragi being a whole grain can lend to a coarser texture of roti. For the uninitiated, introduction to ragi rotis should be through mixing ragi flour with all purpose or refined wheat flour in the proportion of 30-70 split. Add enough wheat flour to mask the coarse nature of the nachni flour and make rotis that are full of fibre, protein and complex carbs. These rotis are recommended to be had while hot but can easily be part of your lunch boxes, the improved flatbread for your healthy lifestyle, fit to pair with lentils and curries of all sorts.