6 Authentic Vegetarian Dishes From Uttar Pradesh Cuisine
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India has a rich culinary history, and every state has its distinct taste, making it different from others. The diversity of India can be gauged from the fact that the same dish changes its taste in different states. Are you a foodie wanting to calm your taste buds? As far as Uttar Pradesh is concerned, it is the most populous state in India. Do you know this northern state was home to the mighty kingdoms of ancient and medieval India? Due to which kebabs and biryanis are eaten with great fervour in this state. However, you will get a chance to taste some of the best vegetarian recipes in Uttar Pradesh. So, today we are telling you about some of the best vegetarian dishes of Uttar Pradesh, which you will indeed find very tasty.

Chaulai (Amaranth) Ka Saag

Green leafy vegetables are eaten with great fervour in the chilly season. While people in Punjab prefer to eat sarson ka saag, in Uttar Pradesh, chaulai saag is relished. The taste of this saag made from amaranth leaves is impressive. Do you know that iron and folate are found in amaranth leaves along with antioxidants like vitamins A and C? You can serve maize roti, paratha or rice with chaulai ka saag.

Dum Aloo

It is one of the famous recipes from Uttar Pradesh. Dum aloo made with tomato gravy and baby potatoes adds a wonderful taste to your plate. People in other states like to make this popular Uttar Pradesh dish on special occasions or functions.

Matar Nimona

If you want to make something different during the winter season, you must try this dish of Uttar Pradesh once. This dish made with the help of peas and mangodi gives you a different taste when relished with roti or rice.


Various spices like asafoetida, cumin, black cumin, cardamom, amchur, salt, and turmeric make Buknu. This ancient recipe is popular in different parts of Uttar Pradesh, and locals use it to impart a distinctive flavour to many dishes.

Banarasi Ghugni

It is a special chickpea curry famous in Uttar Pradesh, Bengal and Bihar. Each of these states gives a twist while making ghugni. This dish shows how Banaras serves high protein in delicious dishes.


Food is incomplete without sweets. And for peda, khoya, ghee and sugar are used in its preparation. This famous Indian sweet from Uttar Pradesh is easy to make at home.

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