5 Traditional Vegetarian Dishes Of Kerala
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As soon as the name of Kerala comes, multiple types of non-veg meals come to mind. We generally think that the authentic taste of Kerala lies in its non-vegetarian food. For example, karimeen fry from Kerala is liked all over the world. This is also known as pearl spot fish fry, which gets uniquely spiced with seawater salinity and freshwater sweetness. But remember that the taste of Kerala is not limited to non-veg food only. Instead, vegetarian food is equally remarkable. The cuisine is a lovely amalgamation of Malabarian, French, and Arab influence. The vegetarian cuisine here takes you to a different world during festivals. So if you are looking to taste the traditional veg dishes from the state, we are telling you about some of them that you must try. 


Puttu is eaten in almost every household in Kerala. This dish is prepared with rice and coconut and consumed mainly as breakfast or evening snacks. It is a soft steamed cylindrical rice cake cooked with lots of coconut shavings. The sumptuous texture and taste of this dish make it a popular breakfast and main dish of the state. It is traditionally served in Kerala style with Kadala or black chickpea curry.


Erissery is very much liked by both locals and tourists in Kerala, mainly made with the help of a grater. It is cooked with coconut, vegetables and spices like turmeric, cumin, etc. and is served as a main dish in Kerala thali. Erissery has its unique flavour with rice and is also made on many special occasions and festivals during Kerala.


In Kerala, if you ask someone about their most favoured dish, multiple people will take the name of Appam. It is a rice pancake with a fat, soft centre and a thin, crisp exterior. You can enjoy appam with various dishes, as it will surely enhance the taste of your food.

Moru Curry

This is a delicious curry made with the help of curd, coconut and many excellent spices. It is also known as seasoned buttermilk of Kerala served in Onam Sadya. This is one such vegetarian dish from Kerala, which every household likes.

Idiyappam and Curry

Idiyappam is one of the most flavoured dishes in Kerala. This thin vermicelli is made with rice flour, salt and water. Idiyappam is traditionally served with curry, and they are also known as Noolappam in the state of Kerala.

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