Omelette For Breakfast: 5 Yummy Dishes You Can Make With Eggs
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The whiff of a freshly made omelette is a sign that you should wake up before someone else grabs yours. Paired with a slice of toasted bread or bun, an omelette is a wholesome way to make breakfast eggs as it can be filled with all sorts of vegetables as well as meat to make it delicious. 

From broccoli to baby corn, bell peppers, mushrooms, sausages, salami, and many other kinds of cold cuts can be added to your omelette. Ingredients like cheese make the inside creamy and are a perfect way to start a lazy morning. Want to make eggs for breakfast? Ditch the boring boiled and poached ones and dig into these yummy omelette recipes because they are totally worth a shot. 

1.  Soufflé Omelette  

A fluffy and light omelette made by separating egg whites from the egg yolk, the Soufflé Omelette is a delightful breakfast treat. Filled with spinach, artichokes and brie cheese, this one is definitely a star when it comes to indulgent eggs. Made with whole milk and topped with a drizzle of honey, this omelette is a must-try.  

2.   Chorizo Omelette

This is a meaty take on your regular omelette. Chorizo is a kind of Spanish sausage that is sliced into pieces and stuffed in your eggs. Flavoured with sour cream or Greek yoghurt, the omelette has a creamy and delicious taste. Sprinkle some salt and pepper for seasoning and bite into this yummy egg dish to find chunky pieces of meat inside.  

3.   Karandi Omelette  

This is a classic regional dish from Tamil Nadu. The word ‘karandi’ translates to ladle and this omelette is cooked in a huge iron ladle due to which it gets its name. Karandi Omelette is loaded with onion, green chillies and cilantro. A simple and easy-to-make dish, this regional specialty is a must-try at home and can be easily made with the minimum ingredients.

4.   Ros Omelette

If you’ve ever been to Goa and missed out on the ros omelette, we suggest that you take another trip. This is one of the most popular street food items on the beaches of Goa. The Goan version of omelette consists of a regular omelette covered in a thick and spicy gravy. The curry (or ros) is made with fresh coconut paste, ginger-garlic and onions. Served with a side of pao, this dish is a perfect breakfast cum snack.

5.   Parsi Omelette

This one is made with loads of veggies and is usually accompanied by a crusty butter bread on the side. Chopped onions and tomatoes make their way into this omelette which is served hot with a topping of finely-sliced potatoes, called salli in Parsi cuisine. This open-faced omelette is filled with spices like garam masala powder, pepper powder, red chilli powder and much more.