Make Breakfast Fun For Kids With These Mini Fried Eggs
Image Credit: anne_travel_foodie/Instagram

Eggs are the consummate breakfast food and one of the simplest ways to ensure your family has the right start to the day. But even though there are 101 ways to cook eggs, sometimes it takes a little creativity to keep things interesting. These Mini Fried Eggs are so simple and quick to make and involved little to no extra work but will delight your kids with their unique shape and bite-size proportions. 

With a long list of health benefits eggs take the lead in ways to boost your daily nutrition. They’re high in protein that helps repair muscles, strengthen immunity and raise your energy levels. They can also help raise your HDL, a ‘good cholesterol’ which is necessary for your body to grow. Eggs are also enriched with Vitamin D and Phosphorus which can help strengthen developing bones. They also contain the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which help guard against degeneration and heart diseases.

The process of making mini eggs is shockingly simple and the results are unbelievably cute. All you need to do is put your eggs in the freezer overnight and in the morning peel off the shells, slice the frozen eggs horizontally and fry the slices as you would a regular egg. The result is a collection of bite-sized tiny fried eggs that are fun to snack on or eat on toast. Each egg will yield around 5-7 mini eggs depending on their size.

Kids will love this creative hack and delight in the snackable size breakfast and adults will enjoy that it only takes a few minutes to put together.