Eggs Hatch In Your Biryani, Fish Is On Fire In This ‘Magic Menu’
Image Credit: Pao Bhaji by Farzi Cafe

‘Tis the season to indulge again. It is true, a scientific fact rather that, you are much hungrier in winter and it is a good thing that many restaurants in Delhi-NCR is coming up with new and exciting menus to keep us hooked. Farzi Café, also recently launched their new menu, which promises a whole lot of drama, magic and of course memorable flavours.  

We sampled the new menu curated by chef Mahendra Rawat at Farzi Café, CyberHub Gurugram. It was delightful to see dishes inspired by every corner of the country. The inspiration is local, but treatment is gourmet. It is not hot sauce or green chilli sauce that occupies centerstage in the Nargarjun Chilli chicken. This saucy chilli chicken does not even have characteristic red hue, it is green in colour, topped with green chillies, curry leaves and Podi masala. The tender and juicy chicken appetiser is a hit. Vegetarians can try the Pulled Kathal Gyoza, the spiced jackfruit as a juicy filling of this gyoza hits the spot. For mutton lovers, we’d recommend the classic Mutton Galouti and Sheermal pancakes. Here, fragrant minced mutton patty, in thin, sweet tortilla-like breads come rolled up garnished with pudina chutney. Wholesome indeed.  

Now coming to the slightly more ‘dramatic’ and daring dishes. Our recommendations would be the Fired fish polichattu. Fish Polichattu is a popular delicacy of Kerala. Here fish fillet are smeared with hot spices, wrapped in banana leaves and served. In Farzi’s magic menu, the fish is served under a sheet of fire paper which is put on fire, not only creating a wonderful visual, but also giving your fish a lovely smoky appeal. It is hot, spicy, tangy and just all things eclectic.  

Even more theatrical was the ‘Illusion Biryani’. Here, the Biryani is assembled in front of your eyes. Partially(70 percent) cooked rice, meat, mint, ginger (julienned), onions, and an ‘unhatched’ egg in added in a jar and shaken up. What happens to the egg, where does it go, does it really ‘hatch’ as chicken in this biryani, we don’t know, but we sure enjoyed the show.  

For a more soothing fare, Chingri Malai Curry and Gondhoraj Ghee Rice. The coconut milk-based prawn curry paired with scented ghee rice has comfort written all over it.  For desserts, we highly recommend the Gondhoraj cheesecake, this fragrant cheesecake with a biscuity-base has our heart.