From Kofta To Thoran: 5 Cabbage Dishes You Cannot Miss
Image Credit: Ammu's Recipes/facebook

Vegetables are an essential ingredient in Indian cooking. From appetizer to dessert, they can fit in each role. There are numerous varieties of veggies and each of them have unique taste and benefits. They are excellent source of vitamins and minerals and an unescapable food item in the daily meal. It is always recommended that adding some extra veggies is always good for health specially the seasonal vegetables. Autumn is known for greens like beans and spinach. And cabbage is another veggie that is popular during this season.  

This versatile veggie has numerous uses and is packed with nutrients like vitamins and iron along with being low in calories. The antioxidants present in the vegetable helps in reducing inflammation the high quantity of fibre promotes a healthy digestion. From being added in salad to a popular filling in veg momos, they have always complimented our cooking. Cabbage fry and curry is a common lunch recipe but have you tried cabbage thoran?  

Here are five delectable cabbage recipes you must try:   

1. Cabbage Kofta 

Koftas are basically fried dumplings that are made from vegetables like bottle gourd, carrots and zucchini. Malai kofta is the most popular among all. In Mughlai cuisine koftas are made with meat balls and are savoured on various special occasions. Just like other varieties cabbage koftas are prepared with whole spices and deep fried in oil. Then they are mixed in gravy prepared with cream, spices, tomatoes and onion. 

2. Muttakos Poriyal 

This delicious side dish is very popular in South India that is prepared with cabbage tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and lentils. Then topped with freshly grated coconut. The authentic dish is simple and uses less spices yet tastes very delicious. If you want to cook some delicious without any complication, this poriyal has got your back. 

3. Cabbage Rolls 

Prepared with meat, all-purpose flour and spices like black pepper, this Japanese style roll is perfect for snack as well as dinner and the tomato-based recipe adds an extra flavour to the dish. You can use any meat of your choice and become a star chef of your home. It is also a great dish for monsoon as it is warm and comforting. 

4. Cabbage Halwa 

Desserts are essential to complete a meal. But most of them are considered unhealthy. Cabbage halwa is a healthy alternative to those who have sweet tooth. Prepared with the goodness of cabbage and whole milk, this easy to prepare dessert is perfect for all kinds of parties, and occasions.  


  • 1/2 cup cabbage  
  • 1/4 cup ghee  
  • 2 cups milk  
  • 1/2 cup sugar  
  • 1/2 tsp cardamom powder  
  • Chopped nuts  


  • Add ghee and shredded cabbage in a pan and saute until the raw smell of cabbage goes.  
  • Then add the milk and cook on a high flame, stir continuously.  
  • Once the milk turns thick add in the sugar, ghee and cook until the mixture turns thick. 
  • Finally add the cardamom powder and cook on simmer.  
  • Finally add the chopped nuts, give a stir and serve warm or even cold.

5. Cabbage Thoran 

This mildly spiced and brightly coloured cabbage recipe has travelled to the other parts of the country from Kerala. It is a kind of dish that maintains delicate taste of the vegetable without drawing it with the other ingredients. This exotic dish uses curry leaves, coconut and spices like green chillies and cumin along with green cabbage. 

Try these recipes at your home and enjoy the autumn season.