Malai Chaap To Cheese Cutlet: Easy Appetizers For Diwali Party

Dinner parties are always the lit ones if you have good food and ambience. And what's better than starting a party with great appetizers? Munching on delicious snacks while sipping the drinks is the perfect beginning. A small serving of food or beverage used before the main course of a meal in order to increase appetite is known as an appetizer. We are aware of the value of a tasty, simple appetizer recipe. Use these appetizer suggestions and easy recipes for dips, spreads, finger snacks, and much more to get your party off to a good start. These appetizers not only taste delicious but make us want much more!

Here are some appetizers that are perfect for a dinner party-

Chicken Salt And Pepper

Most of us are aware of how the crispy veg salt and pepper tastes. Fried and crispy veggies are sauteed with lots of salt and pepper with various other spices. In chicken salt and pepper, the chicken chunks are sauteed with veggies and spices to enhance the flavour. The chicken has a tart salty flavour which startles the taste buds like anything!

Malai Chaap

For all the vegetarians out there, this dish is a party starter! Malai chaap is a dish which features roasted soya chaap soaked in cream and cheese. It is then mixed with sliced onions and various spices. The dish is given a Punjabi touch by adding a lot of butter and malai to it. The chaap is soft and melts in the mouth quickly. It is a burst of different flavours and spices that melt in the mouth with lots of cream and butter.

Cheese cutlet

Nothing's better than crispy fried cheese cutlets served with green chutney. These are easy to make and are a treat to the taste buds. Cutlets These fried appetizers are a perfect option to consume with a drink. Fresh spicy cheese oozing out of the cutlet is everything you need at a dinner party.

Cheese cutlet/ Instagram- cook_with_ruchi

What's better than a plate of chilli chicken to start a party? Chilli chicken is an Indo-Chinese dish that is made by mixing fried chicken chunks with various Chinese and desi spices. The chicken is juicy and soft from the inside. Its outside layer is coated with chutneys and spices that kick the right spot on the taste buds. Serve it with green chutney and wait for the magic to happen!