Corn For Breakfast: Best Sweet Corn Recipes That You Can Relish In The Morning
Image Credit: Pixabay, Hot and sweet corn (on the cob) is perfect for breakfast.

While the weather has been hot and steamy for quite a few days in India, several parts have seen respite with heavy showers and strong winds today. It’s been raining cats and dogs in the capital since morning and the cool breeze is definitely a breather for the Monday blues. Given the pleasant weather, seems like it’s a trailer for the upcoming monsoon and we’re excited. Feeling slightly hungry too? We feel you because in such weather, it’s hard to resist delicious treats that are fried, hot and crispy. You must be in a dilemma as to what to make for breakfast, right? We think we can corn you into our recipes. 

Sweet corn is a quintessential monsoon specialty, available across the country on the streets. As soon as the season begins, you’ll notice several vendors setting up shop in small corners, selling bhutta or corn on the cob. Biting into the sweet and chunky bhutta, brushed with lime juice and black salt, you can literally taste monsoon on your lips. Did you know that this delicious corn is not just good on the taste buds but great for health too? The sweet corn is known to contain abundance of fibre, which is good for digestion. Along with this, it also provides you with antioxidants and loads of energy that keeps you active throughout the day. 

With such beneficial properties, sweet corn can be well-suited for your morning meals too. Try these easy breakfast corn recipes and enjoy your day. 

1.  Sweet Corn Poha 

Poha is a staple breakfast dish in Maharashtra and other parts too. The flat beaten rice is usually cooked with onions as kanda poha or with potatoes as batata poha. The same poha is now spruced up with sweet corn. Sweet corn is boiled and add to the beaten rice along with some onions and green chillies. All of this is mixed together and turmeric is added for the yellow colour. 

2.  Corn Cutlet 

Crispy, fried and satiating, cutlets are roundels made with potatoes or meat. These are usually served as evening snacks but can work well for breakfast too. The sweet corn is mashed along with boiled potatoes and made into a mixture. This is then flattened on the palm of the hand in a round shape and fried in oil in a pan. This is served with tomato ketchup and coriander chutney. 

3.  Corn Pancakes 

Pancakes are soft, fluffy rounds of batter that are shallow-fried on a pan. The thick and smooth mixture of pancakes is usually made from all-purpose flour, eggs and milk. To this, add some cornmeal and spruce up the taste and nutrition of the pancakes. Drizzle some honey or maple syrup on top and serve. 

4.  Corn Chaat 

Light, healthy yet filling, a spicy corn chaat in the morning can definitely brighten your day. Throw in some chutney, tomatoes, onions, lime juice and spices like salt, red chilli powder and black pepper. Mix it all together and your chatpata breakfast is ready. 

5.  Corn Bread Mini Muffins

Dig into these sweet and cute muffins for breakfast, filled with cornmeal and giving a delicious texture.