Bhagyashree’s Udaipur Vacation Highlights Cups Of Tandoori Chai
Image Credit: Instagram/Bhagyashree

For most Indians, every single day begins with a hot cup of chai, usually infused with ginger or adrak—and Bhagyashree is no exception. The veteran actress is quite the foodie and dazzles her fans with everything from her knowledge of food science and health to appreciation for a variety of Indian dishes like Rasam. In a recent post on social media, Bhagyashree proved that this appreciation for all things delicious and decadent also extends to chai, even chai with a twist like the Tandoori Chai that has now taken over the streets of India. 

Bhagyashree, who has been vacationing in Udaipur, Rajasthan, with her friends, shared a video on her Instagram that introduces fans to the way Tandoori Chai is whipped up on the streets of the royal Rajasthani town. In the video, a skilled tea vendor can be seen preparing Tandoori Chai from scratch. He is first seen cooking up a regular pot of tea with milk, water, ginger, tea leaves and sugar. Then, a kulhad or earthen cup that has been heated up in a tandoor is placed on a brass vessel and the tea is poured on top. 

Video Credit: YouTube/Banglar Rannaghor

As the tea bubbles up around the piping hot kulhad, it infuses with the smokey, tandoori flavours that Tandoori Chai is known for. The vendor then transfers the Tandoori Chai into another pot and serves up the Tandoori Chai in a fresh kulhad to Bhagyashree, who toasts with it and takes a sip. The look of pure bliss on her face proves that this Tandoori Chai from the streets of Udaipur is quite the winner, and tea lovers should indeed give it a try when in the city. 

Bhagyashree also introduces those who are unaware of what Tandoori Chai is to the nitty-gritties of the concoction in the caption of her post: “Tandoori Chai ! A novelty in Udaipur. Adrak waali chai brought nicely to a boil and then dipped into a kullad... taken straight out of the tandoor.. to infuse the aroma of the baked mitti....a flavor with a twist! Chai lovers....Taste karke toh dekho!” 

As Bhagyashree continues on her journey in Udaipur, foodie fans of hers are hoping to get a glimpse of other delicacies the city is famed for. Meanwhile, Udaipur has also been the background of Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha’s wedding last weekend, making the city quite the centre of spotlight in any case. Known for a blend of royal Rajasthani cuisine and grand Thalis, Udaipur’s most famous offerings include Dal Bati Churma, Laal Maas, Mirchi Pakora and plenty of Mewari dishes.