Tandoori Chai: How Is This Unique Tea Gaining Popularity
Image Credit: Tandoori Chai has become one of the most loved teas without any doubt

Chai is a small word that holds eternity in it. It is not just a word but an emotion for millions of people. Be it at home or at the workplace, chai or tea is something we crave to get relaxed and to get rid of stress. It is a universal drink with which many of us start our day. You may have heard of various teas in the stretch from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. From black tea to ginger tea, from green tea to kahwa, tea has evolved into different forms with varied flavours and colours. Now, we have one more addition to the family. But how did chai turn tandoori?  

The journey of tandoori food has travelled a long way from tandoori chicken to tandoori chai. Served in kulhads, this chai has gained much popularity and in very less time, it has become the ultimate favourite of the people. When we talk of tandoori chai, it is hard not to mention Chai La of Pune which is said to have experimented with chai and given it a new look. We do agree that great ideas are always born out of the most unusual and weird incidents in our life. Chai La’s owner Amol Rajdeo has one such experience that changed the future of chai. As per Amol Rajdeo, he saw many people heating pots on an open fire and making turmeric milk or even daily food back in his village Ahmednagar. This practice was not new but going on and on for generations. Once, he had a sore throat and his grandmother served him turmeric milk following the same procedure. Since then, he always had this concept in mind and wanted to make a blend of chai that would not only be delicious but would also be useful to cure acidity and sore throat. 

After months of try and error, Rajdeo managed to achieve a perfect blend of chai which is highly organic and extremely healthy. This was when tandoori chai turned the tables and became one of the most consumed and trending teas across the country. Its different and quirky preparation style is something that has made it distinct and unique. An empty kulhad is pre-heated in tandoor and then half-cooked tea is poured into it. The tea eventually gets brewed and develops an earthy flavour. Wouldn’t it be delicious? 

If you are drooling over this tandoori chai, we have got your back. We have a simple and quick recipe for tandoori chai that you can make at home and give a treat to your taste buds.  


  • Take a kulhad or clay pot and heat it up for 10 to 12 minutes on medium flame 
  • Meanwhile, take a pan for making tea 
  • Boil water, sugar, tea leaves and tea masala in the pan (You can add the spices of your choice) 
  • Once the water starts boiling, add milk and boil not for more than 2 minutes 
  • Strain the team in a jar 
  • Now, carefully using tongs, place the hot kulhad in the vessel and pour hot tea into it 
  • You will see tea start bubbling and oozing out 
  • Then, pour it into a clean kulhad and serve with biscuits 

Try this tandoori chai recipe to make your chai earthy and smoky. Let us know if you know of any other variations of tea gaining popularity in 2022.