Bhagyashree Shares Monsoon Wellness Advice, And Rasam Is The Key
Image Credit: Instagram/Bhagyashree

Catching a few germs and getting a bit of cough and cold during monsoon is nothing new, but did you know that there is one South Indian dish that can cure it all? What’s more, this monsoon wellness tip is fully approved by Bhagyashree, the veteran actress who is known to be a foodie too. We are talking of course about Rasam, that traditional South Indian soup prepared with ripe tomatoes, tamarind and mild spices. 

In a recent Instagram video post, Bhagyashree is seen enjoying a bowl of Rasam while explaining the benefits of having the dish that she calls “the ideal remedy for cold or flu.” She also goes on to explain that because of the ingredients used to make Rasam, this South Indian soup is also great for digestion and is nutrient-dense. “With so many nutrients, Rasam, I feel, is a must-do for every meal,” she explains. 

In the caption for the video, Bhagyashree calls Rasam “Soup for the soul” and talks further about its benefits. “It is also a soup to combat cough n cold. Packed with nutrients, it is something that can be savoured during atleast one meal through the monsoons. Food for thought indeed,” she writes. 

Not only is Bhagyashree right about Rasam being the perfect dish for monsoon but also about its benefits. Here are some benefits of having Rasam during monsoon. 

Video Credit: YouTube/Padhu's Kitchen

Digestive Aid: Rasam contains spices like cumin and black pepper that aid digestion and soothe the stomach during monsoon. 

Immune Booster: The spices and herbs in Rasam, such as turmeric and garlic, have immune-enhancing properties, supporting the body's defense against infections. 

Hydration: Rasam's liquid base helps maintain hydration levels during humid monsoon weather, preventing dehydration. 

Antioxidant-rich: The tomatoes, tamarind, and spices in Rasam provide antioxidants that combat free radicals, promoting overall health. 

Comforting and Warm: Rasam's hot and flavorful nature provides comfort and warmth, making it an ideal choice during chilly and damp monsoon days.