How Bhagyashree's Pizza Dilemma Is Making Our Mouths Water!
Image Credit: Bhagyashree/Instagram, The actor is enjoying her food mania in New Jersey.

Bhagyashree is currently taking a break in New Jersey, relishing every moment of her stay in the city. She finds joy in the little things, such as indulging in food. Despite being an Italian dish, pizza is beloved by Americans, and Bhagyashree showcased this on her Instagram stories while visiting a renowned restaurant chain called Little Italy. She captured various types of pizza, each with unique toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, broccoli, olives, and abundant cheese.

The sight was quite tempting, and it's no wonder that Bhagyashree found it challenging to pick just one. In the video, she asks her followers, "Which one?" And frankly, we are just as intrigued by each pizza as she is, and we don't have an answer either.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram stories/Instagram 

Her pizza dilemma seems to increase with each pizza that comes into sight. Well, we can only wonder which one she ultimately picked. This reminds us of a time when she was in Rajasthan with her husband, and the couple were seen making kachoris in the state. It was proof enough of the actor’s foodie side.