Bhagyashree Turns Chef, Makes This Rajasthani Delicacy
Image Credit: Bhagyashree/Instagram, Look what the couple made in Rajasthan.

When one says that one should live life king size, it applies quite well to a few Bollywood actors. While we are aware of the fact that Saif Ali Khan belongs to the royal Pataudi family, only a few know about princess Bhagyashree’s royal background. The actor is the daughter of the current king of Sangli in Maharashtra. A fitness freak, she is also known for her food choices and eating habits.

Recently, the actor was holidaying with her husband, Himalaya Dasani, in Rajasthan. She took to Instagram to share their cooking adventures in the desert land. In a series of photos shared by her, the couple was seen enjoying with each other while wearing aprons and chef hats. Her husband is busy making something, with loads of utensils kept on the table in front of them, along with a tray full of spices. Meanwhile, Bhagyashree is helping him taste something.

However, it is the last picture that gives us the end result of their cooking stint. It is no other than the classic Rajasthani snack, kachori. For the uninitiated, kachori is a deep-fried Indian snack that is made with flour and stuffed with lentils, vegetables and a spice mix. The most popular ones from Rajasthan are dal kachori and pyaaz kachori. While we don’t know the filling inside this one made by the actress and her husband, it definitely looks lip-smacking.

Pyaaz Kachori

Paired with tangy tamarind chutney, the kachoris are topped with bright green chillies. “Master chef in the making”, the actor captioned the carousel post. While this is one of those rare instances when the 53-year-old actor is seen indulging in something like this, she is usually very health conscious. Be it her recipes or her social media posts, she is a proponent of clean and healthy eating. This one time, she made a detailed video about the benefits of eating high-water content foods.  

A desi at heart, she’s very simple and basic and likes to keep her diet Indian and nothing too fancy. From makhanas to banana peels and pomegranate, there are several things that she swears by, according to a report in TOI. Given her healthy eating regime, we aren’t surprised with her ever-glowing and youthful looks.