5 Flavoursome Veg Breakfast Dishes From Rajasthan
Image Credit: Pyaaz Kachori

Enter the land of the Great Indian Desert, and you’ll be hit by the hot and humid weather. Come night, it keeps getting cooler. The state of Rajasthan is not only home to such contrasting weather but also a delectable array of food and beverages. Known for their hot and spicy fare, the locals start their day on a crispy note with lots of pooris and vadas adorning the breakfast table.

Since Rajasthan is considered the land of kachoris, it is but natural that these crispy and flaky bites form a part of their breakfast fare along with evening snacks. Freshly made fried kachoris are stacked in heaps and disappear as quickly as they are laid out on a food cart. Then there are pooris, parathas and much more that you cannot miss from the desert region.

Here are some delicious breakfast dishes from Rajasthan that you should try.  

1.   Methi Bajra Poori

A nutritious and tasty flatbread from Rajasthan, the poori is usually a deep-fried puffed bread. In this region, it is usually savoured for breakfast with flavours of methi aka fenugreek. The base of the dough is that of bajra which is a type of millet that is grown in our country. A healthy alternative to wheat flour, the methi and bajra combination make the poori filling.  

2.  Pyaaz Kachori

Kachori is a crispy and flaky poori that is thicker and smaller in size than regular pooris. It usually comes packed with a variety of ingredients, ranging from lentils like moong dal and urad dal to stuffing of aloo (potatoes) and pyaaz aka onions. The pyaaz kachori from Rajasthan is very well-known and it is the spicy filling of finely sliced onions that adds to the flavour, best eaten with mint chutney.  

3.  Kalmi Vada

While vadas are considered quintessential South Indian treats, in many parts of north India too, you’d find a variety of vadas being made. One of them is the kalmi vada from Rajasthan. Made with chana dal, coarsely ground with onions, green chillies and a host of spices, the batter is deep-fried until it becomes golden brown. This is then served for breakfast alongside tamarind and mint chutney.  

4.   Bajra Roti With Lehsun Chutney

Rajasthanis really enjoy their breads and chutneys and you’d find a host of them on their breakfast platter. This bajra roti is a nutritious bread made with millets. What adds to the taste of this dish is the condiment that is served with it. Lehsun aka garlic chutney is kept beside the roti and has a strong pungent flavour. Paired together, the roti and chutney work wonders in the mouth. 

5.  Mirchi Bada

As the name suggests, you’ll be in for a spicy breakfast treat if you opt for the mirchi bada. A crispy and crunchy exterior complements the fiery and hot green chillies that are covered with it. Mirchi refers to chillies and for this bada, thick green chillies are stuffed with a potato filling and coated in gram flour batter to be deep-fried.