Anushka Sharma Devours A Boxful of Healthy Treats
Image Credit: Shutterstock

When someone talks about eating healthy, the first topic that comes to the mind are salads, soups and meats. While that diet could be wholesome for our bodies, what about the craving of our tummies? As foodies our first commitment is always to eating tasty, yummy, delicious food regardless of the calories! And isn’t good food a good mood? Some would even say by indulging in a feast, happiness and health grows manifolds. Well, Anushka Sharma seems to be backing this thought. On multiple occasions, we have seen the actress speaking about peace and happiness that she received from eating a nourishing diet, while making room for a cheat meal or two from time to time. 

One of the most popular celebrities, Anushka enjoys a following of 59.3 million followers on Instagram. She keeps her fans updated with different posts and stories, featuring her everyday life. In her latest Instagram story, the actress is seen talking about the "healthy treat" she enjoyed while relaxing in a park. It was a boxful of decadent desserts. It included choco muffin, pastry, strawberry cake et al. "Healthy treats in the park," she captioned the picture with an emoji.

Credit: Anushka Sharma's Instagram

This isn’t the first time the actress has posted photos of her cheat meal to her Instagram story. Anushka loves to post photos of chocolate cakes, South Indian thali etc to her social media, striking the right balance between mindful eating and indulgence. Anushka’s affair with food is a fun one to trace as the actress even posts photos of her salad indicating that she might be cheating on her diet with butter chicken later. Recently, the actress even posted about enjoying an authentic Assamese meal. Anushka shared a sneak peek into her gastronomic adventure by showing us a wholesome and delicious Assamese lunch that she relished. Anushka's meal platter featured yummy dal cooked with herbs and spices. The dal was poured over white steamed rice. Alongside, there was a dry curry that had spiny gourd stir fry and pitika (boiled raw bananas). Mashed raw banana or kaskol pitika is a common side dish in authentic Assamese lunch course. Anushka's delectable platter also had a preparation of beetroot and a serving of pickle on the side.