Anushka Sharma Gets To Enjoy Treats From Her Favourite Bakery
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

When it comes to food places, we all have our favourites. We either like these places for the dishes they serve or have some fond memories associated with them. It can be a favourite burger joint, a pizza place or a bakery that sells some of the most decadent treats. It turns out that actor-producer Anushka Sharma too has a favourite food place in Bengaluru - the city where she spent some of her childhood days. 

We told you recently how she was missing the popular Thom’s Bakery in Bengaluru, as she shared a picture of the place on Instagram and captioned it, "Currently missing". Read more about it here. Guess what happened next? On Monday, Anushka received some delicious puffs from that very bakery! Yes, you read that right.  

She took to Instagram to share a short (yet blissful!) video, capturing her satisfaction on receiving her favourite puffs from her ‘most favourite bakery’. Take a look:

In the clip, we could see someone unwrapping the packages she received. In the background, Anushka can be heard humming in joy on seeing her childhood favourite puffs. There were two different kinds of baked goodies - one seemed to be a plain flavoured puff, while the other was an éclair pastry filled with sweet cream. "When your deep food desires get satiated! Thank you, Thom's bakery, Danish Sait and Akhil Iyer. I am properly 'puff'ed up now", wrote the actor in the caption, with a drooling emoji. Well, the decadent treats sure look every bit mouth-watering. 

Anushka has been a fan of the puffs from Thom's Bakery since a long time. Her husband, cricketer Virat Kohl, also spoke about it during an interview with comedian-actor Danish Sait. The ace cricketer revealed that he had gone to that bakery in disguise to personally buy the puffs for her. The bakery also shared the interview on their Instagram page. Take a look:

After so much talk about the bakery, you might be wondering, what is it about Thom’s Bakery that makes it so iconic. This place has been dishing out fresh breads, flaky samosas, sweet treats, and a whole lot of other bakery products since 1970. 

It was started by PM Thomas, who called it ‘Thom’s Cafe and Restaurant’. It used to serve Indian dishes, and was open even for breakfast. In 1971, he started a small grocery store right next to the restaurant. While the location has always been the same, Thomas built the building in 1968. 

After Thomas passed away in 1986, the restaurant was shut for a while before his sons - Binu and Biju Thomas - took over. Since then, the bakery has been a hotspot for plum cakes, samosas, pastries, and puffs. The joint is also known for their puddings, pies, and wines. While Anushka is one fan we know of, the Thomas brothers had earlier revealed that many well-known personalities have visited the place. Politicians Oscar Fernandes and Margaret Alva, and singer Vasundhara Das are some of the names they mentioned. For anyone who wishes to experience a slice of the past, a visit to Thom’s Bakery in Bengaluru sounds like a great idea.