Anushka Sharma's Midday Snack Will Inspire You To Eat Healthy
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

The general perception is that eating healthy means eating boring and bland food. That, however, is not always true. Don’t believe us? Look at what Anushka Sharma has shared, and you may start thinking differently. The actor-producer is known to be a foodie, but she is not the type who will gobble up just about anything and everything. She is a conscious eater, who will pick the right quantity and quality, and give it a delicious spin too. She usually shares her foodie adventures on social media, and it is almost always the right amount of good food. 

Giving us foodie goals yet again, the PK actor recently shared what her mid-day meal looked like. Taking to Instagram, she uploaded a picture of her guilt-free snack, which you can eat without worrying about calories. For a nutritious mid-day snack, Anushka was seen having a plate containing ingredients like Greek yoghurt, almond powder, cashew nut, pumpkin seed powder, honey, and berries. Take a look below for the post: 

It seems like Anushka would add a bit of everything to the Greek yoghurt for a wholesome, delicious meal. Greek yoghurt (with its thick and creamy texture) makes for an excellent bowl that can be enjoyed any time. It is a healthy yet light meal, which doesn’t require any cooking or extensive preparation either. Just a few minutes, a handful of ingredients and you have a wholesome meal to relish. While Anushka chose nuts and fruits, you can experiment with ingredients of your choice. You can include fruits that you like as well. Isn’t that a great idea for a midday snack? Much healthier than a pack of chips or fried treats. 

Anushka never fails to make us drool with her foodie shenanigans. Be it her healthy diet or her cheat meals, she is truly one of the most relatable foodies out there. In fact, her last photo dump about her time in Kolkata for her upcoming movie, Chakda Xpress, was all about ‘eat, pray and love!’. From trying almost every popular street food in Kolkata (from puchka to jhalmuri and more) to praying at Kali temple, Anushka made sure she documented it all to share with her fans and followers. Read more about it here