Inside Anushka Sharma's Food Diaries From Kolkata
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Kolkata- the city of joy, has never failed to impress anyone visiting. Be it for his old-world charm or its gastronomic adventures that can make foodies fall in love with the city. For actor Anushka Sharma, it was the latter it seems as she concluded her Kolkata schedule of Chakda Xpress with an Instagram post and aptly summed it up in the caption which said “Eat-Pray-Love.” Her Kolkata photo dump came shortly after the schedule wrap, and gave us a glimpse of her time in the city. And when in Kolkata, one just can’t miss the variety of mouth-watering foods to nosh upon, and Anushka made sure she didn’t miss a chance. It’s no secret that the actor is a foodie at heart. She keeps sharing her foodie adventures on social media with her fans and followers, and her tryst with authentic Bengali food in Kolkata was no different.  

Her photo series started with her offering prayers at Belur Math, in the second snap she is seen posing with Vamika outside Kalighat temple. And then started her journey full of foodie adventures! Starting with the famous Aliah phirni, followed by Balwant Singh ki chai, samosa, and Puti Ram ki kachori aloo. And if you think that, was it, wait till you see what she had for sweets and drinks - “Mithai ke baked and regular rasgulle, Paramount ke sherbet, and Girish Dey malaai roll,” she wrote in the caption along with the pictures of the three. Anushka named all the dishes in her caption and added “Kolkata photo dump!” Take a look at some of the pictures from her post: 

The foodie in Anushka clearly had a great time in the city of joy, as before this too she was gobbling down one of the most beloved Bengali food combo - ghugni and pauruti [bread].  In addition, Anushka didn't miss to devour Kolkata's famous jhalmuri as well. Days ago, she shared her ‘breakfast diaries' from the sets of 'Chakda Xpress'. And of course it kickstarted with jhalmuri. On her Instagram Stories, Anushka posted a video of a vendor preparing the mouth-watering delight with a whole lot of local spices and ingredients. “Chakda Xpress Kolkata schedule,” she captioned the clip. This was not it. Anushka also gobbled down some fresh guava, a tangy treat. Alongside the image, she wrote, “Jhalmuri and amrood. Who wants to be on my diet plan?” Read more about it here.  

It seems like Anushka has devoured pretty much everything from Kolkata’s vegetarian delights. Do you think she missed out on anything? Let us know.