Anushka Sharma’s ‘Healthy’ Dessert Is Making Us Drool

If you are someone who is on a diet or prefers eating healthily on most days, you would know the struggle to constantly choose between tasty and healthy. Well, we are with you on this one. No matter how much we diet and exercise to stay fit, there are occasions when we just can’t control and end up eating our favourite treats. 

On such days, we not only eat our favourite delights but also find ways to justify it, which often leads to calling those a healthy dish. Haven’t we all justified noshing on a chocolate cake and explaining how those ‘little’ carbs are necessary for our body? Well, it seems like Anushka Sharma too relates with us on the same. 

An ardent food lover, the Bollywood star often posts about her foodie indulgence and makes us drool with her treats on social media. Be it her healthy diet to her cheat meals, Anushka is one of the most relatable foodies we have. The actor - who is currently vacationing in London with her husband, cricketer Virat Kohli - has been sharing her food moments from the trip on social media, and we have enough proof to say that she is not the one to let her cravings go. Did we tell you about her croissant spree? Read more about it here.  

Now from her latest outing, Anushka shared a picture of what seems to be a matcha pastry topped with rich whipped cream, and dusted with matcha powder. For the unversed, matcha is a finely crushed powder made from specially produced and processed green tea leaves. It is traditionally consumed in East Asia, and one can make countless dishes from the same, including a number of desserts and tea. “I also eat healthy things”, Anushka wrote on the picture. Take a look at her story here: 

Well, we don’t know about the ‘healthy food’ bit, but the pastry definitely looked tasty, didn’t it? Anushka has been making us swoon over delish food since the time she started on the trip from Paris. She was in the ‘city of love’ a few days ago for an ad shoot, and made sure to share her special moments from the place on social media. 

Right from a glimpse inside her hotel room to pictures taken at the shoot venue, and to her grub during the shoot, we caught a glimpse of it all. Anushka was gorging on a delectable croissant along with a steaming cup of coffee that looked delicious. “When in many croissants”, Anushka captioned the post. You can read all about it here. We can’t wait to see what will be on Anushka’s plate next, what do you think?