5 Monsoon-Special Khichdi Varieties You Must Try
Image Credit: Ayandrali Dutta/Mangshor Bhuna Khichuri

In most parts of North India, the monsoon season arrives in the beginning of July and with it comes the monsoon-special menu. Deep-fried and crispy foods are definitely on the list, but the khichdi has made a surprising entry into the seasonal fare. For the unversed, khichdi is a one-pot rice dish made with lentils and rice. Cooked together, the flavour of the lentils gets infused with the rice and the resulting khichdi is savoured with a side of pickle and papad. The good part about khichdi is that it is easy and quick to make and doesn’t require any elaborate preparations. Why does khichdi feature on the monsoon menu, you ask? Well, there is something comforting about this wholesome dish which makes it ideal for the rainy season.  

Not only does khichdi serve as a delicious treat during the rains, it also comes with several health benefits. Packed with nutrients like calcium, vitamins, and carbohydrates, khichdi is considered an immunity-booster that helps prevent infections like cough, cold etc., which are common during the rainy season. Addition of certain spices and masalas adds to the nutritional value of khichdi. So, how about prepping some khichdi this year?  

Here are some khichdi recipes for the monsoon season that you can try at home.  

1.   Mutton Bhuna Khichuri  

Head to any Bengali household during monsoon and the aroma of freshly-paired mutton khichdi will leave you tantalised. A specialty of Bengali fare, the mutton bhuna khichdi is specifically prepared during this season. A hot and spicy affair, the khichdi is made from traditional Gobindobhog rice and spruced up with mutton chunks or keema and moong dal. Additionally, peas, carrots, and many other vegetables can also be added to the heavenly bowl. Pair it with begun bhaja and enjoy.

2.   Rajwadi Khichdi  

This royal-sounding dish belongs to the Gujarati fare and is commonly eaten during monsoon. The Rajwadi khichdi is rich and nutritious, filled with toor dal that provides protein to the body. The addition of dry fruits like walnuts, cashews and almonds is good for building immunity, making the Rajwadi khichdi a powerhouse of taste and nutrition. 

3.   Vaghareli Khichdi  

A vegetarian delight from the Parsi fare, Vaghareli Khichdi is an indulgent one-pot rice dish that is perfect for monsoon. This Parsi-style khichdi is loaded with the nutrition of masoor dal, along with several spices. It has jeera, mustard seeds, garlic and hing which not only lend it delectable taste but an appetising aroma too. While Parsis are well-known for their love for meat and eggs, this light and breezy dish is a must-try during monsoons. 

4.   Gehun Khichdi  

Also known as Bikarneri Khichdi, the name tells us clearly about the origins of this dish. The rice is substituted by whole wheat, adding to the nutritional profile of the dish. Gehun is cooked with moong dal and dollops of ghee that makes this khichdi rich and healthy. Filled with iron and fibre, it is an energy-boosting one-pot dish for monsoon. The whole wheat is nicely mixed with the lentils and it forms a mushy mixture that is relished as khichdi. 

5.   Sindhi Soft Khichdi  

Closer to a porridge than a regular khichdi, this mushy bowl is perfect for a light and healthy meal. Made with green moong dal, rice and ghee, it is called soft khichdi because of its semi-solid consistency. Known as Patree Khichnee, the white khichdi is tempered with mustard seeds. It is also easy for toddlers to eat and for elderly people.