4 Interesting Buckwheat Recipes You Must Try
Image Credit: Shweta Pandey/facebook

If you are living in India, you must be aware of buckwheat. Yes, the vrat-friendly flour, commonly known as kuttu atta. Packed with lots of protein and fibre, this fasting food is also gluten-free. There are a variety of dishes made with this flour during festivals like Navratri. Kuttu roti, dosa and khichdi are some popular fasting dishes made with buckwheat flour. 

Not only on auspicious festivals, but kuttu atta is also beneficial for weight loss. As it is rich in nutrients like protein, fibre, and minerals, this atta can be included in daily diet as well. This highly nutritious grain is also beneficial for managing diabetes and supporting heart health. Packed with magnesium and antioxidants, buckwheat is also good for hair, skin and bones. 

But if you are not in the mood of eating those regular fasting dishes, here are four interesting recipes to include buckwheat in your diet: 

1. Buckwheat Dhokla 

This variety of dhokla is not only a nourishing breakfast but also a delicious snack. Quick to prepare, it only requires few ingredients like buckwheat grains, sour curd, ginger-green chilli paste, and salt. You can pair these dhoklas with any kind of chutney or savour it directly. 

2. Buckwheat Tea 

Popular in countries like Korea, Japan and China, this tea can be consumed in both hot and cold form. Made with buckwheat grains, this tea not only has a soothing flavour but also ideal for adding into weight loss diet. Just brew some roasted buckwheat grains and you are good to go. 

3. Kuttu Atta Kachori 

Made with buckwheat flour, potato and aromatic spices, this flavourful kachori goes well for breakfast as well as snacks. Paired with any kind of vegetable curry, paneer can also be used to make the dish more delicious and filling. This kachori is also easy and fuss free to make. 

4. Buckwheat Mug Cake 

Craving something sweet and healthy? This gluten-free mug has got your back. Made with buckwheat flour and brown sugar, this mug cake is quick and easy to prepare. Just take a mug and add egg, sugar, water and mix with the dry ingredients like cocoa powder and baking soda. Microwave for two minutes and enjoy. 

Try these recipes and keep your stomach happy and body healthy.