Navratri 2022: Why Do We Eat Kuttu Ka Aata During Navratri?

Navratri has begun and we couldn’t be more excited. We all know that these nine days are not just the regular days but a long celebration where devotees worship Goddess Durga. This festival comes up with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness and everybody waits for it the entire year.  

If you are from a Hindu household, you must know that Navratri and fasting goes hand in hand. Either people fast or alter their regular diet regime to pay their respect to the deity. The fasting food or vrat ka kana has a lot more religious significance attached to it. We have vegetables, fruits, sabudana etc during Navratri and avoid certain ingredients. One quintessential that we have especially during these nine days is buckwheat flour or kuttu ka aata. But have you wondered why do we eat this particular flour during Navratri? We will tell you. 

For Navratri fast, devotees avoid having regular grains like wheat and rice and this might hamper their everyday nutrition intake. But kuttu ka aata can solve all the problems. Buckwheat flour comes with many nutrients and thus, it is highly beneficial for the body. Made up from the seeds of fruits, these pseudo cereals can keep you full for a long time without keeping your health at stake. They are loaded with proteins and have a high content of fibre. It also helps in weight loss and keeps the blood sugar level in control. It has several vitamins and is packed with minerals like zinc, copper, iron and phosphorus and thus, we can call it a powerhouse of nutrients. 

Because of its so many benefits, buckwheat flour is considered ideal for Navratri. You didn’t know this, did you? Kuttu ka aata should not be eaten only during these nine days but other normal days as well. Apart from having ample health benefits, this aata is so versatile and can be transformed into many dishes and desserts. Since there is a festive vibe all over and you might be fasting, we have a recipe of kuttu ka halwa for you. This healthy and vrat friendly halwa can satisfy your soul while keeping you healthy and nourished. So, here’s the recipe. 

                                   Image credits: Cooking 4 all seasons


  • 1 cup buckwheat flour 
  • 4 tbsp ghee 
  • ½ cup water 
  • ½ cup sugar 
  • ½ tsp cardamom powder 
  • ½ tbsp cashew (chopped) 
  • ½ tbsp almond (chopped) 


  • Take a pan and add ghee in it. 
  • Add kuttu ka aata and roast for some 5 to 10 minutes. 
  • Now, add singhare ka aata and roast. 
  • Add water, ghee, sugar and cardamom powder. 
  • Cook everything together until the colour changes and the halwa becomes aromatic. 
  • Add chopped almonds and cashews. 
  • Mix well and serve hot. 

Enjoy!  know if you have tried this samosa combination!!