4 Refreshing Raitas To Enjoy This Navratri
Image Credit: Raita (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a nine-day long vrat (this time it is eight days since Tritiya and Chaturthi Tithis fall on the same day) and before you start getting worried about what dishes to put on the menu, we recommend saving up space on your thali for some raita.


Most of these are super simple to make and won’t take too much time to whip up. If the mood strikes you can also enjoy them as a snack. 


1. Palak Raita

Getting bored aloo and paneer? Bring some veggies into vrat diet with a scoop of palak raita. To prepare this, cook some spinach and mint in a pan with your favourite spices. Blend the mixture, let it cool and add to some flavoured yoghurt. 


This Palak Raita is a good option for meal replacement as well, especially if you want to enjoy something light. 


2. Cucumber Raita

This raita is completely customisable; besides cucumber, you can some tomatoes and papdi to create a simple chaat. There really is nothing quite as refreshing as cucumber raita. In this recipe, you can either grate the cucumber into the raita or chop it into chunks and add it in. 


3. Pomegranate Raita

Sweet and comforting raita, this raita never fails to disappoint. It is spicy, sweet and also a little tart. It truly hits all the right notes. For a little bit of crunch, you can also add in some falahari bondi. 


4. Beetroot Carrot Raita

A beautiful pink-red delight, this raita is an absolute show-stealer. It is light in texture with wonderful earthy flavours from the beetroot. This also works well as a dip, so feel free to dunk your Navratri chips into this for a bit of zingy flavour.