5 Vrat-Friendly Snacks To Indulge In
Image Credit: Snacks to try

Fasting is good for health and yes, culturally fasting also happens to be an important aspect of Hinduism. Hindus do adopt a vegetarian diet and fast on Mondays and Saturdays and moreover with this being the month of Sawan, Monday fast followed religiously. It's fascinating to see how religious practices and cultural customs effect our eating habits and also have a significant impact on lifestyle and health of the community.

From kuttu flour, sabudana, fruits to vegetables like aloo are permitted to be consumed during Navratri fasting. Here are 5 light vrat-friendly snack ideas that one can try at home to munch on during the day to boost energy.

1. Aloo Chaat

Yes, you can have your favorite chaat while fasting too! All you need to do is replace that regular salt with rock salt along with chaat masala and a drizzle of lemon over some boiled potatoes. Toss it all well and you’ll have crispy, chatpat chaat to relish on.  

2. Roasted Makhana

Isn’t it quite a favourite on regular days too? I personally love crispy salted roasted makhanas on the side while working since not only are these a healthier alternative to fried snacks but also super delicious! Roast some makhanas lightly over a pan and sprinkle some rock salt and you have yourself a delightful snack.  

3. Fruit Chaat

Fruits are a hit during Navratri. Everything from bananas and apple to pomegranate are perfect to toss up together with chaat masala, rock salt and lemon. Healthy, wholesome, yummy and vrat-friendly! I can honestly have it everyday, what do you think? In this particular recipe, replace the normal salt with rock salt.

4. Vratwala Dhokla

Yes, you can make light and fluffy vrat-friendly dhokla too at home. You simply need to replace regular rice with samvat ke chawal, which is a special rice used during the festival of Navaratri, and salt with rock salt.

5. Nuts Ladoo

Nuts and dry fruits are the best way to keep your energies up for the day and they are also permissible during Navratri fasting. You can prepare a dry fruits and nuts ladoo by simply roasting dates, almonds and cashews on the pan, blend them together and make ladoos out of them. Decadent, wholesome and quick!