4 Healthy Breakfast Bowls To Kickstart Your Morning
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Breakfast bowl

Since breakfast is the first meal of the day, it ought to be nutritious and healthy. While many tend to rush off to work without grabbing a bite and by simply sustaining on beverages like tea or coffee until lunch, it is often said that one should not skip breakfast. Reserve the lavish breakfast spreads for the weekend and try quick breakfast bowls for work mornings. They not only keep you active and energized throughout the day but also help in satiating your appetite for longer. Packed with diverse nutrients, the breakfast bowls are easy-to-eat and quite filling too. From fruits to vegetables, anything and everything can be added to the bowl to make it wholesome. 

In order to refuel oneself in the morning to kick start the day, breakfast bowls are perfect. In fact, there are a variety of breakfast bowls you can make, ranging from acai bowls to smoothie bowls and grain bowls. While the former is made with mashed frozen fruits and is a popular treat in Brazil, the latter two are filled with fresh fruits and grains respectively. Have you tried any of these bowls for breakfast yet? Here are some healthy breakfast bowls that you can try.  

1.  Poached Egg Breakfast Bowl 

Ditch the eggs and bread combination. This heavenly breakfast bowl is a great treat. The poached eggs feature well in a breakfast bowl. Surrounded by vegetables and greens on the sides, it is a rich and nutritious breakfast. While eggs provide you with the necessary protein, the spinach and kale leaves are perfect sources of iron. Add to this some mushrooms and beans along with dried tomatoes and green onions. Season with salt and pepper with a dash of cider vinegar for tanginess.

2.  Green Smoothie Bowl 

No, you wouldn’t have to fret at the sight of greens anymore. This bowl is all things creamy and tasty. The thick puree of avocados and spinach gives a bright green colour to the smoothie. Add to this some ripe bananas, pineapples, and mangoes and this will give a tinge of sweetness to your bowl. For garnishing the smoothie bowl, you can opt for coconut flakes and slivered almonds along with berries. This smoothie bowl is blended with coconut milk and a drizzle of honey.

3. Six Grain Breakfast Bowl 

As the name suggests, this breakfast bowl is full of grains. Savoury breakfast bowls are as good as sweet ones, giving you a change of taste. For this recipe, six different types of grains are added to the bowl which enhances the nutritional value of this breakfast treat. Then, the grains are layered with sliced avocados on one side of the bowl while the other side has some spinach leaves. Boil an egg and place half of it on one side of the bowl. Sprinkle some salt and drizzle olive oil to finish the breakfast treat. The fibre-rich avocados improve digestion and also provide the body with potassium.

4.  Breakfast Burrito Bowl

Try burrito in a bowl instead of a wrap for a change. While burrito is a Mexican dish, the bowl is loaded with all the ingredients that you would find in burrito. Cauliflower rice is the base of the bowl, which is stacked up with avocados, bell peppers, onions. For protein, eggs and sausages can be added to the bowl after which parsley, chipotle powder and onion powder are sprinkled over it. With a drizzle of coconut oil, salt and pepper, the bowl is ready to be devoured.