From Savoury To Sweet: Try These 5 Breakfast Bowls To Brighten Your Mornings
Image Credit: Pixabay, You can make your pick between sweet and savoury bowls.

If you do eat breakfast like a king, then you are definitely doing something right. Throughout the day, you need energy to work and play and chat and much more. To sustain the energy and replenish it from time to time, you need to give your body its fuel i.e. food. Healthy snacking through the day and eating small portions is surely a great idea but it’s only when you start right can you think right. This means that breakfast should be the king of your meals. You may not have the time to cook lavish breakfast everyday but a bowl always comes in handy. 

Breakfast bowls are the best option, especially when you are travelling to work. The same old cornflakes and milk or chocos would get boring after a point. Moreover, who wants a sweet bite early in the morning every day? For that reason, we have some lip-smacking breakfast bowl ideas that you can relish each morning and brighten up your face and day. 

1.  Mexican Breakfast Bowl 

The base is that of butternut squash that has been spiraled into noodles. The spiraled noodles are mixed with scooped up avocados and some spices. Place some poached eggs on top and you are good to go. 

2.  Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bowl 

We think the name gives it away completely. This could work as a perfect substitute for oats and keep you full for longer. Sliced apples are placed on a bed of quinoa which is flavoured with cinnamon and ginger. This sweet and aromatic bowl will leave you tantalized. 

3.  Turkish Savoury Breakfast Bowl 

Get the flavours of the Middle-East in your breakfast bowl right away. The sausages or ground meat is the protein of the breakfast meal while you’d find special Turkish apricots, tomatoes, garlic and cream on it. Garnished with hard-boiled eggs, the bowl is filled with goat’s milk. 

4.  Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl

The chopped sweet potatoes are paired with berries and almond butter. The bowl is then filled with chopped nuts and naturally tastes sweet. 

5.  Bacon Cabbage Breakfast Bowl 

This is a protein-packed and veggie-loaded bowl. The greens come in with the cabbage while the bowl is filled with crispy and meaty bacon on top. You would find some sushi rice below and eggs tossed in it too.