Sandesh & Narkel Nadu Sweets Trail In Kolkata

By Shreya Goswami
When it comes to a wide range of traditional Indian sweets, no city can compete with Kolkata. From the smallest mishti-sellers to the largest showrooms, the old, iconic shops to the new and fancy ones, Kolkata’s streets are always bustling with places where you can simply step into for a taste of some of the best sweet dishes in the world. This special sweets trail will take you to every spot in the city where the best Sandesh and Narkel Nadu are served.
  • Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick

    The iconic, century-old sweet shop is renowned for innovating incredible Sandesh flavours since time immemorial. From ripe jackfruit and mango-flavoured Sandesh to those that are baked or infused with varieties of fruits, the Sandesh at every branch of Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullickis fresh and delicious. This season, don’t miss out on their Nolen Gur creations.

  • Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy

    Another iconic Kolkata landmark for sweets, Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy has been around for over a century. Always innovative and trendy with their new Sandesh creations, they have not compromised one bit with their age-old recipes for the sweet dish either. This Diwali, do try some of their latest Sandesh creations.
  • Banchharam’s

    With branches across Kolkata and even Kolkata airport, Banchharam has not only been a reliable maker of delicious steamed or Bhapa Sandesh for ages, but has also innovated new sweets that fuse traditional Bengali flavours. For example, their Mihidana Tarts and Sandesh Pies are created keeping the younger generations in mind, and should simply not be missed.
  • Nalin Chandra Das & Sons

    From the traditional Jalbhara Taalshash Sandesh to the new-age Strawberry Sandesh, Nalin Chandra Das & Sons has created some of the most incredible plates of sweets Kolkata is known for. Another iconic Bengali landmark, this place has also been around for almost a century and caters perfectly to the traditional as well as the new and trendy crowds.
  • Putiram Sweets

    This iconic Kolkata sweet shop gets a lot of footfall thanks to its prime location near Howrah station and the Calcutta University area. Apart from the scrumptious, deep and rich Narkel Naru here, you should also try the Sarer Naru and Sar Bhaja, not to mention devouring plates of Shingara, Kochuri and Radhaballabhi.
  • Bhim Chandra Nag

    Another iconic Kolkata sweet shop that should be on your must-try list when you visit, Bhim Chandra Nag is well known for its Narkel Naru and varieties of Sandesh. Though the place is a bit small and nestled in the busy Bowbazar area, people still love frequenting it for the authenticity of flavours. Apart from the Narkel Naru here, do try the Pista Sandesh.
  • Nathulal

    A really old sweet shop located in the business heart of Kolkata, Nathulal is famed for serving some of the best Narkel Naru and Lassi in the city. Like most traditional sweet shops of Kolkata, this place has a small, makeshift standing area where customers can gather to enjoy freshly made sweets and snacks, especially very early in the morning.
  • Makhanlal Das & Sons

    One of the most popular sweet shops in North Kolkata, Makhanlal Das & Sons not only makes delicious Narkel Nadu come winters, but also serves up delicious Mishti Doi and varieties of Sandesh. Nestled in a busy street close to the Shobhabazar Rajbari, Makhanlal becomes quite the hotspot for sweet lovers during the entire period between Durga Puja and Diwali-Bhai Phonta.
  • Guru Mahashay

    Another favourite among those living in North Kolkata and northern suburbs, Guru Mahashay has been serving Kolkata residents and visitors with some of the most delicious seasonal and traditional sweets, including Narkel Naru, Nolen Gur Sandesh and fried items like Ledikeni and Pantua. Though the place is quite small and known mostly by locals, visiting it is a must if you are looking for a sweet indulgence.
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