Whip Up These 5 Amazing Side Dishes From Soya Chunks
Image Credit: Side Dishes From Soya Chunks

Half a cup of cooked soybeans contains 6 grams of fibre. So, if you want to increase your fibre intake, soy is a great source of fiber. Not only do they have a versatile taste, but they are also packed with nutrients and vitamins. A diet high in fibre protects against colon cancer, lowers cholesterol and is an excellent weight loss aid. 

You can cook a perfect snack from soya beans in a thousand different ways. Start cooking something spicy and exciting. Discover these 5 easy side dishes of soya bean below. 

1. Soya chilli chunks  

We can call this dish an Indo-Chinese fusion. To make this lip-smacking snack, you need cornflour, capsicum and onions as the main ingredients. You can make this with two different variants: dry soya chilli and gravy soya chilli. Make whichever version you like. The gravy version can be served with rumali roti.

2. Soya chunks potato

This is a very simple and light side dish made with soya beans and potatoes. It goes well with fried rice or bread. 

3. Tandoori Soya chunks

It is the best alternative to tandoori chicken. Relax! You don’t need to own a tandoor to make this dish. Tandoori soya chunks can easily be prepared in the oven and that too with simple spices.

4. Soya burger with soya granules cutlet 

An easy patty recipe can lighten up your evening. This tasty and crispy snack is served with green chutney or ketchup. 

5. Chilli soyabean

If you have enough of the usual Chinese snacks, try this unique soybean dish that is not only kids’ favourite but is enjoyed by all ages. Chilli Soyabean is a vegetarian fusion recipe popular to eat as a snack.

So, which one are you making today? No matter which one you prepare, these soya bean side dishes will not disappoint you.