Weight Loss: Indian Breads You Must Include In Your Diet

If you are new to the world of ‘weight loss’ and ‘fitness’, certain terms and information may appear overwhelming. For instance, ‘superfoods’, the word is there everywhere, but seriously what constitutes a ‘superfood’. So, there is no list of superfoods, issued by any medical body. But it is a term used to refer to foods that are beneficial to your overall health, while the world is going gaga about superfoods like oats, avocados and the likes. If you look closer, in your kitchen cabinet, you’d find plenty of superfoods waiting to make your weight-loss journey a fun and flavourful ride. Even a simple chapati, parathas and thepla can be a game-changer, here are some ideas.

Ragi Roti

 Ragi, also known as Nachni is one of India’s favourite millets, especially in regions where wheat and rice cultivation is minimal. Ragi is packed with iron, calcium, magnesium and heaps of fibre that improves your digestion, keeps you full and keep your weight in check. Follow this recipe, to make this wholesome recipe.


Jowar Roti

Jowar or Sorghum is another millet replete with a tall list of health benefits, chief among which is the amount of complex carbs. These carbs do not get digested too soon, they take their own sweet time to breakdown, keeping you full for long and keeping your blood sugar in control. Fluctuating blood sugar levels are also associated with weight-gain.  

Sattu Paratha

The Bihari superfood Sattu is blend of various flours. The hero ingredient of this flour is chickpea, which as we all know, is packed with protein. Protein also helps induce satiety, the fuller you feel, the lesser are your chances to gorge on anything fatty.

Makki Roti

‘Tis the season of Makki ki Roti and Sarso ka Saag. This Punjabi flatbread is a seasonal specialty, made with maize flour. These are firm, crispy and slathered with ghee. Don’t mind the ghee, as it increases the digestibility of roti. Besides, ghee in appropriate amounts can do wonders for your skin, heart and weight-loss too.

Methi Thepla

The Gujarati version of paratha, thepla is thinner, crispier and so yummy, that it is both a breakfast and evening snack. Methi, is a winter green renowned for its bitter-pungent taste that gives this thepla a delish boost of flavour as well and nutrients.