Are you tired of eating kuttu ke atte ki poori and singhara cheela? Why haven’t you tried samak yet? Also known as barnyard millet, it is more of a seed than a grain. Apart from being filled with nutrition and a great gluten-free option, samak is also a versatile ingredient for sprucing up your dishes. In the ongoing Sawan festivities, you would be bound by certain food restrictions if you are observing vrats. This can get tiresome at times and you need something to energise you and keep you active all day long so that you can enjoy the festive season. Then it is time to try samak. 

If you wish to up your vrat game and try these recipes where samak is the star ingredient. 

1.  Samak Dhokla 

Longing for that soft, spongy dhokla? Don’t fret, this samak dhokla is a great alternative during fasts. A perfect falahari option made with barnyard millet and sago, the texture of this dhokla will be as good as your regular one. 

2.  Samak Paneer Roll 

Dice the paneer into cubes and mix it with rock salt, pepper and curry leaves. Once it is cooked in mustard oil, prepare the samak flour dough and roll out chapattis. Stuff it with the paneer and roll it up. Slice it into small cylindrical cubes and enjoy. 

3.  Samak Waffles 

Yes, you read that right. Take some kuttu and samak and prepare the waffles batter. Keep a semi-liquid consistency and pour it on to your waffle maker. Douse it with pomegranate seeds, curd and green chutney. 

4.  Samak Rice Pulao 

For a filling and nutritious meal, the samak ke chawal or samak rice pulao is a great option. Add some lauki (bottlegourd) to the pulao to get a wholesome taste. 

5.  Samak Rice Falahari Kheer 

Are you fan of kheer aka rice pudding? This samak kheer is a perfect vrat companion for you. Add your favourite fruits and give the kheer a sweet and fruity taste. 

So now that you have such interesting options, who’s stopping you from going to the kitchen?