These 5 Saag Dishes Feel Like A Warm Hug In Winters

Winter is already at our doorstep and the vegetable market is all packed with seasonal greens. From broccoli, cabbage and bitter gourd to varieties of saag, this season is all about enjoying these fresh and nutrient-rich veggies. Saag dishes when combined with rotis make a perfect winter-meal. These leafy veggies not only help in keeping you warm and cozy during winters but are also super healthy.  

They are loaded with several vitamins and minerals that helps in maintaining blood pressure and building immunity. They are also high in fibre and low in calories, making it perfect for weight-loss diet. There are varieties of local saag available in different regions of India but winter brings some classic kinds of saag that are popular across the country. 

Here are five of those classic saag that you must try during winter, this year: 

1. Sarson Ka Saag 

This winter delicacy tops all the greens and is made with a combination of mustard, spinach and bathua saag. This wholesome dish is best paired with makki roti and dollop of butter. It is prepared by pressure cooking all three saag along with chilli and ginger-garlic. Then, it is blended until smooth and simmered along with chopped onions. 

2. Palak Saag 

This versatile ingredient adds an incredible taste and flavour when combined with paneer as palak paneer and it is also mixed with paratha dough to make palak paratha. But palak, when cooked individually , also gives a lip-smacking taste. This simple and hearty dish is prepared by cooking blanched spinach with tomatoes and few spices along with a flavour of cream. 

3. Pui Saag 

Also called Malabar spinach, it is very popular in the eastern part of the country and it is usually mixed with potato or any other vegetable. This sweet and spicy dish is very easy to prepare. Sauté mustard seeds in oil and add chopped saag along with veggies of your choice and few spices and you are good to go. 

4. Aalan Saag 

This unique saag recipe is made with spinach, gram flour and moong dal as key ingredients. This comforting one pot meal goes well with both rice as well as roti. Sauté spices in ghee and add dal, let it boil properly and then simmer with palak and salt. Chaat masala can also be added to make it spicier and flavourful.  

5. Chaulai Saag 

Also known as Amarnath or laal saag, this winter delicacy is very easy to make and can be prepared with fifteen minutes. It goes well with both rice and roti for lunch as well as dinner. Just sauté garlic and dry red chillies, then add chaulai saag along with salt cook for 10-12 minutes on low heat and serve hot. 

Make sure you relish each of them during this chilly season and don’t forget to tell us which of them is your favourite.