Bathua: The Lesser-Known Winter Green You Must Have; 5 Recipes To Try
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

Winter season brings with it a host of green vegetables that take centre stage in every Indian household. But while the vegetable markets are flooded with a wide variety of winter greens, most kitchen menus are limited to sarson, methi and palak. There’s one winter green that often gets lost amid the more popular greens. It’s called bathua. Despite having the same health benefits and flavour as other winter greens, bathua has always remained obscure. 

Also called chenopodium album or pigweed, bathua is highly rich in fibre, which makes it a good food for digestion during the winter season. It also comes brimming with many vitamins, calcium, potassium and magnesium, besides being low in calories. Bathua isn’t only a wholesome veggie but also an ancient seasonal green, which is super versatile and can be cooked in myriad ways. From puris and parathas to raitas and even kachoris, we’ve got some amazing ideas to add bathua to your diet before the season ends.  

1. Bathua Raita 

If you are a fan of raitas, it’s time to keep your cucumber, boondi, masala raitas aside and give bathua a chance. This winter season, indulge in this refreshing, tangy and irresistibly delicious bathua raita to make your meal all the more wholesome, rich and flavourful. 

2. Bathua Puri 

With the richness of bathua stuffed inside, this puri is just the perfect accompaniment for your sabzis and curries in the winter season. Pair it with raita, palak curry, aloo, chole or just about anything and everything. 

3. Bathua Kachori 

Kachoris are a favoured tea-time snack. So, why not make it a tad bit healthier? A filling of bathua leaves, along with a mix of tantalising spices and herbs such as carom seeds, onion seeds and green chillies can make this a lip-smacking affair. 

4. Bathua Paratha 

The staple morning meal or a wholesome lunch paired with curd or your favourite sabzi, one can never resist a paratha or two. It is a versatile dish that you can prepare as per your choice. Simply experiment with the stuffing. This winter season, make it with bathua for a healthy, filling and delicious meal. To amp it up, add dollops of butter on top! 

5. Bathua Saag 

Move over sarson ka saag and try a heavenly serving of bathua saag. It is made the same way as the one with sarson but may vary slightly in taste. Pair it with puris and you’ll absolutely love the change.