The Magic Of Arbi: 5 Snacks To Make With This Sticky Vegetable
Image Credit: Arbi Patode

This sticky vegetable may not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of snacks. Some may even detest the texture of this vegetable, but the fact is that it can actually be used for making some delicious evening treats. Lending a dose of nutrition and taste to satiate your hunger pangs, arbi is also known as taro and is a root vegetable.

The vegetable is considered a great source of fibre and antioxidants. The sticky vegetable also comes with Vitamin C and E along with other minerals and nutrients. It is believed to be good for heart health as it contains zero calories and fat content. This also makes it an ideal vegetable for losing weight. However, instead of the boring sabzi for lunch, you can spruce up arbi in the following ways to make tasty evening snacks.  

1.  Arbi Ke Patode

This is an interesting and crispy snack made from the leaves of the plant called colocasia leaves. The shape of the patode is that of round bundles that are greenish in colour and have a crispy exterior. The patode is packed with the nutritional value of the arbi leaves. The deep-fried rolls are served hot and crunchy, with a side of tomato sauce. This is a popular snack in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.  

2.   Arbi Chaat

This is a super healthy and tasty treat for evenings. The arbi chaat will satisfy your cravings and let you enjoy the chatpata taste guilt-free. Arbi is sliced into smaller and thinner strips. This is then mixed with cucumbers and onions. Drizzled with a sweet and sour dressing made of dates and tamarind, the arbi chaat is tossed well in it. This makes this dish gluten-free and vegan-friendly too.   

3.   Arbi Fries

While potatoes are the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of fries, you can always look for healthier alternatives too. There’s zucchini, cucumber and arbi too, that can be sliced into fries-like thin strips and fried in oil. The arbi is tossed in some masala and cornflour and deep-fried. Sprinkle some salt and seasoning on it and enjoy.  

4.   Arbi Ke Pakore

A desi heart would always yearn for Indian snacks like pakore. Deep-fried fritters that are popular snacks in many parts of India can be made in a lot of ways. With potatoes, onions, palak leaves, cauliflower and much more. Arbi too, can be used for making them by mashing boiled arbi and mixing with spices. This is then rolled in gram flour batter and fried until golden-brown.

5.  Arbi Cutlets

Cutlets are small roundels that are usually fried and served as snacks. The arbi is boiled and mashed. This mixture is then made round with the palm of the hand. The arbi is dipped into a mixture of cornflour and water. Tossed in breadcrumbs, the arbi cutlets are fried on a pan and served with green chutney and tomato ketchup.