4 Interesting Arbi Recipes You Can try For Lunch
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

The season of arbi, also known as taro root or colocasia, is in full swing these days, and heaps of this root vegetable can be found in the market. But most of us are often left thinking what to do with this starchy veggie. Arbi is a balance of nutty and sweet flavours, and thus it can be turned into different kinds of tasty dishes, including Indian-style sabzis, snacks and some Western delights as well. 

Boasting a soft, pillowy flesh, arbi can be churned into some of the most fascinating dishes. And while it is a super delicious vegetable, did you know arbi provided some amazing health benefits as well? Its high-fibre and antioxidant content facilitates weight loss and immunity. 

Hundred grams of arbi contains 5.1 grams of fibre, according to experts. Its low caloric content also facilitates weight management, and aids in losing those extra kilos. Besides this, arbi is known to be a low glycaemic food that slows down the process of breaking down glucose in the liver. It also contains resistant starch that is not easily absorbed and digested. This slows down the rise of blood sugar level after a meal, and helps in managing blood sugar levels. 

Arbi may have some more popular counterparts like aloo or gobhi, but it certainly has its own distinct flavour, and is also super versatile just like them. And that is why there are so many arbi recipes you can try at home, making it a dynamic vegetable to the best of its capability. So, if you have been thinking hard on what to cook with Arbi, we’ve got ideas. 

1. Arbi Tikka Masala 

Grilled arbi cooked in a pool of spices including jeera, chilli powder, garam masala, coriander powder, onion tomato paste and ginger garlic paste, makes this Arbi Tikka Masala a flavourful affair. What makes it distinct is how arbi is first marinated in a fiery mix of ginger, garlic and red chilli powder.  

2. Arbi Kadhi 

Kadhi is quite the favourite dish among many Indians. While the usual version of the dish is made with besan pakodas, you can also try making it with a different ingredient. Arbi Kadhi is a unique yet delicious kadhi made with arbi pakodas and a curd-based gravy, which will instantly win your heart.  

3. Tawa Arbi Fry 

Greasy, fried delights are always tasty to eat. Tawa Arbi Fry is packed with oodles of spices - such as amchur, red chilli, carom, and cumin seeds. It is a crispy treat that you won’t be able to resist. 

4. Arbi Zaikedar 

This is one of the quickest and easiest arbi recipes you can make at home. All you need to do is toss the arbi with ginger, garlic, chillies, lemon juice, ajwain, salt, and mix them well. This mix is then sautéed in hot oil, and blended with beaten curd. Interesting, isn’t it?