4 Tasty Dishes That You Can Easily Make With Leftover Food
Image Credit: Tasty Dishes With Leftover Food (pexels.com)

Not many like to eat leftover food the next day. What happens then is that we simply throw them away, causing food wastage. But there is a solution to this problem. There are many exciting ways to turn leftover food into a yummy platter. It will not take too much of your time, and everyone will be convinced of your cooking skills. Here are a few dishes you can make with leftover food.

Masala Idli

Do you have leftover idlis at home but don’t know how to consume them without chutney and sambar? Don’t worry; you can prepare masala idli for breakfast with the leftovers. First, put oil and add mustard seeds, crushed garlic and ginger to a pan. Now, add chopped onions and cook them till it turns golden brown. After this, add tomatoes and cook them with a bit of salt and green chillies. Lastly, add the idli, and your masala idli is ready to serve.

Stuffed Grilled Sandwich

If you want to prepare a tasty and quick breakfast dish with leftover dry vegetables, you can go for a stuffed grilled sandwich. For this, you must first mash the vegetable. Now, take two pieces of bread and fill them with vegetables. After this, grill the sandwich with the help of butter. In this way, you can reuse the leftover vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, beans and capsicum in a delicious way.

Fried Rice

You can make tasty fried rice from leftover rice. To make it, fry oil and vegetables in a pan. After this, add rice and masala and fry them for a minute. You don’t even need to add salt after adding this masala. This fried rice will be ready in just two minutes. So, if you want to make a tasty dish without too much hard work, fried rice is the best option.

Chapati Poha

If you have leftover rotis, you can prepare chapati poha with it. For this, instead of poha, break the chapati and use it. The rest of the process will be the same as making poha. If you are making poha with the help of roti, keep in mind that your rotis should be soft. If the rotis are a bit hard, you can reuse them after heating.