Shahid Kapoor’s Reaction On Finding Falafel Will Make Most Vegetarians Relate
Image Credit: Shahid Kapoor’s Excitement On Finding Falafel Is Worth A Watch

Actor Shahid Kapoor who was last seen in Jersey, the official Hindi remake of the Telugu blockbuster of the same name, recently went for a ‘boys trip’ to France. He was also joined by his brother Ishaan Khatter and actor Kunal Kemmu, and all of them gave us plenty of photos, videos and reels from their trip making us feel a wee bit jealous. Shahid also unleashed his foodie side on this trip. In one of his reels, he posted a few days ago, we spotted him enjoying burgers, sandwiches and cheesecakes. The actor posted another video of him dancing around in one of these cafes in France, and the reason you ask? It is because they happened to serve veg falafel. Shahid turned vegetarian many years ago after reading the book ‘Life Is Fair’. In one of his interviews, he admitted to finding problems finding vegetarian food abroad and on international airlines, therefore his excitement looks quite justified. 

"Falafel!! Vegetarians of the world unite ⚔️ #reels #reelsinstagram #falafel #vegetarian #reelsvideo", he captioned the video

For the uninitiated, falafel is a middle-eastern snack. It is a deep-fried fritter in shape of a coin-shaped patty. It is traditionally made from ground chickpeas or broadbeans, or sometimes both. It is often served with pita bread and hummus, and is an intrinsic part of a typical Mezze platter, which is a Mediterranean assortment of cold snacks. Falafel can be rolled inside pita bread, topped with salads, pickled veggies, sauces and hummus, and this ‘falafel sandwich’ is a rage all around the world now.  

Falafel is also an incredibly easy recipe that you can try at home as well. Here are five of our favourite falafel recipes you must try soon.

Carrot Falafel: These crispy falafels come with the goodness of grated carrots, cumin seeds, black pepper and coriander leaves in addition to the regular chickpeas, making it one wholesome and healthy treat.

Baked Falafel: Speaking of healthy, these baked falafels come without an ounce of oil, making it a perfect addition to your high-protein, weight loss diet. Made with traditional ingredients such as chickpeas, onions and parsley, this is one guilt-free delectable snack you cannot miss.  

Rajma Falafels With Ragi Pita: Rajma or kidney beans are one of India’s most beloved legumes. We love to pair it with rice, but did you know the beans are fairly versatile, they can be mashed and boiled to make these yummy falafels too. No chana, no problem, you can have some crispy falafels with Rajma too, and pair it with the super healthy Ragi Pita.  

Beetroot Falafel: Fancy some colourful falafels, step this way. These yummy falafels that come loaded with goodness of the ever-so-nutritious beetroot, are also incredibly gram-worthy for their pink hue. Chickpea, tahini, lemon, olive oil, red onions and garlic, make this little fritter all things savoury.

Which among these falafels will you be trying out soon. Do let us know.