Rajasthani Vadas On A Breakfast Platter: 5 Varieties To Try
Image Credit: Rajasthani kalmi vada

For the uninitiated, a vada is a deep-fried crispy delight that belongs to South India. When we hear the word "vadas," we immediately think of medu vadas, which are popular in the country's southern regions. Even in the north and middle of the country, people eat vadas for breakfast. Take Rajasthan, for instance.

Did you know that beyond their rich taste in music, arts, and culture, they’ve got a good appetite for vadas too? There are several types of vadas found in Rajasthan, each made with different lentils and other ingredients. The best part is that they can be a delectable breakfast or an evening snack. The crispy texture and mouth-watering flavors are guaranteed.

Here are a few Rajasthani vadas that you can devour for breakfast.

1.   Kalmi Vada 

This flavourful bite is extremely crunchy and crispy. If you're wondering how, look no further than the way it's made. The chana dal batter is mixed with coriander leaves, green chilies, and spices. Later, they are dunked in hot oil and half-fried. The meat is then taken out and cut into strips before being refried and served hot with lehsun chutney.

2.   Mirchi Vada 

Aside from kachoris, this mirchi vada is one of Rajasthan's most popular snacks and breakfast dishes. Thick green chillies are sliced and deseeded. A mashed potato stuffing is prepared and dunked into the hollowed-out marrow. Coated in a batter of besan, or gramme flour, the vadas are deep-fried and paired with a mint-coriander and tamarind chutney.

3.   Kanji Vada 

This is a great combination of deep-fried vadas dunked in a pool of kanji. Kanji is a probiotic drink that is made by adding fermented black carrots to water and spices. The resulting liquid is a refreshing summer drink in many parts of north India. The Rajasthanis prepare crispy moong dal vadas and cover them in a bowl full of kanji, lending the dish a tangy taste and making the vadas soft.

4.   Aloo Vadas 

While this may seem slightly unusual as batata or aloo vadas are classic Maharashtrian treats, the potato delights do occupy a place on the Rajasthani platter too. The potatoes are boiled and mashed properly, and then spices like red chilli powder, coriander leaves, cumin seeds, etc. are added to them. This mixture is rolled into balls and dipped in gramme flour before being deep-fried into vadas. 

5.   Moong Dal Vadas 

Moong dal is a popular lentil in Rajasthani cuisine, appearing in both savoury and sweet dishes. While the kanji vada is made of moong dal too, these moong dal vadas are known as mangodi. Unlike their larger counterparts, these are bite-sized crispy delights that are made with a moong dal batter mixed with spices. The tiny bites are then paired with mint-coriander chutney.