Vadas For Breakfast: 5 Delicious Fillings To Try
Image Credit: Crispy vadas for breakfast.

For the uninitiated, vada is a savoury fried snack, popular in the southern parts of India. However, variations of the same can be found in the northern states as well as other parts of the nation, in the form of ‘badas’ and ‘vade’, etc. The crispy bite is usually made with rice flour and sometimes stuffed with a host of vegetables. To complete the dish, it is accompanied by sambar and coconut chutney.  

Since it is quite filling and appetising, it makes for a perfect breakfast treat. However, there are plenty of ways in which you can stuff your vadas and give them a delicious spin. From banana to jackfruit, potatoes and spinach, almost anything can be stuffed into a vada. Here are a few recipes that you can try at home:  

1.  Tapioca Vada  

Also known as Maravalli Kizhangu Vadai, this delicious vada is made with tapioca pearls or sabudana. Sabudana is a great ingredient, commonly consumed while fasting. The vadas are made with tapioca, raw rice and chana dal. Curry leaves and fennel seeds add flavour to it and it is deep-fried until it turns dark brown.

2.   Banana Flower Vada

This yummy snack cum breakfast is popular across Tamil Nadu. The Vazhaipoo Masala Vadai, as it is locally called in the region, is made with banana flowers. Chana dal, fresh coconut, and onions are added to the vada mixture. Bound together in a round shape, it is fried in hot oil and served with coconut chutney. The addition of saunf gives it an interesting kick.

3.   Jackfruit Seeds Vada

In your regular Chana Dal Vada, add some jackfruit seeds and this yummy delight is ready. Also known as Palakottai, this delicious crispy vada is filled with onions, curry leaves, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, and more. The flavourful mixture is then deep-fried and served with tangy sambar. It has a nutty flavour that makes it so different from others.  

4.   Spinach Vada  

A healthy and tasty treat that will tickle the taste buds of kids and adults alike, this vada disguises spinach leaves in its crispiness so that no one frets at the sight of it. A great way to feed your kids the greens that they often despise, the spinach vada is filled with chana dal and toor dal, adding to the protein value of your kids’ diet.  

 5.    Beetroot Vada  

A super nutritious root vegetable that is often eaten as salad, beetroot is known to be good for haemoglobin. The bright red vegetable is sliced into pieces and crushed along with chana dal to make a smooth paste. Mixed with red chillies, curry leaves and onions, the vada batter is then dunked in hot oil and fried until golden brown. This can be served with mint-coriander chutney.